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4 Reasons To Use Influencer Marketing For Your Brand

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Published on October 30th, 2019

Social media influencers are regarded as trusted authorities in their fields. Many people value their opinions and look to them for advice on products, trends, and where to shop. Here are four reasons your next marketing campaign should include influencers.

1. Millennials Trust Influencers More Than Celebrities Or Traditional Advertising

Influencer Marketing

Statistics show that millennials trust social media influencers more than traditional forms of advertising, including celebrity endorsements. Banner ads and similar, traditional models of online advertising have proven largely ineffective.

Although most users employ ad-blockers and anti-virus software, studies show that banner ads are ignored even when they can be seen. Social media influencers have a greater reach because they engage with their followers directly and know their audience.

2. Social Media And Online Usage Beats Traditional Media

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As streaming media continues to eclipse cable subscriptions, people are spending more time online and using social media than they spend watching TV, listening to the radio, or going to movie theaters.

Many periodicals have now ceased print editions and moved online, as well. Additionally, most people have made one or more purchases online within the last six months.

Experts expect the growth of streaming media to continue. In fact, as a testament to the acceleration of “cord-cutting,” cable powerhouse, Viacom, recently purchased Pluto TV.

3. Build Brand Awareness

Build Brand Awareness

Everyone knows that word-of-mouth advertising is the best kind of advertising because people trust their friends and family members’ opinions. Viral content is seen and shared by millions of people, including those who would otherwise never have seen that content had it not been shared with them.

An influencer’s testimonial touches on both of these concepts due to their reach, opening up the exposure of your brand to a much larger audience than just their followers. If their followers like your product, they’re likely to share it with their own audiences.

The mere mention of your brand by an influencer can set off a chain reaction across the web. While this may not result in direct conversions, it definitely builds brand awareness and provides great SEO.

4. Expertly Targeted Content

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Influencers not only create content, but they are experts at doing so. They know their audience and their audience’s interests, so they know how to create targeted content their audience is going to respond to.

This drives traffic to your site and provides your brand with a certain cachet traditional marketing cannot provide. All of this results in better conversions, making influencer marketing a better return on investment than other forms of advertising.

Millennials spend a lot of their time engaging with friends online and most trust influencers almost as much as they do their friends. Followers are more likely to respond to an influencer’s testimonial than a celebrity’s, and influencers know the best ways to effectively reach their audience.

Marketing campaigns that include influencers build brand awareness, drive traffic to your site, and also improve your backlinks.

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