How To Measure The UX Of Your Website?


January 25th, 2019   |   Updated on November 27th, 2020

Website UX consists of many factors. But the most important variable of it is a human experience of the website. Website user experience testing is required in order for us to know whether the site provides with a proper user experience. The idea of UX design services is to create the best website for the end-user. It is necessary to mention that UX components are:

  • Usability
  • Branding
  • Content
  • Functionality

Even if one of these elements is not in a good condition, it may influence the general impression of users of the website. Therefore, all of these components are to be well-designed and measured.

Effective ways to measure UX


1. Track The Number Of Time Users Spend On Website Forms In Order To Measure The UX Of Your Website

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Thanks to the website forms, it is possible for the users to sign up to get more information, keep in touch with you by getting contact data. However, if it takes a lot of time for them to leave their contact information, people are likely to stop doing it before finishing to get to the end.

If you want to measure your UX regarding forms, you may use a tool such as Hotjar. It is able to track the way people interact with the forms on your website. Hotjar features two tools:

  • Forms (It gives all the data regarding filling in the forms of your website).
  • Video recordings (Thanks to them, you can see from which kind of tool the user tried to fill in the form: a tablet, telephone, or laptop).


2. Watch How Users Interact With The Website To Measure User Experience

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The possible UX metrics is by watching the way users interacting with the website. If you use Heatmaps, you would get to know which areas of the website are clickable more (they are in red) and which one of them are clickable less (they are in blue).

Therefore, you might make conclusions on the way to make one of the pages of your website more noticeable (For instance, you may make a button bigger or brighter). The other feature of Confetti is to show what the origin of the clicks is. For instance, you may get to know whether the user came from a Facebook or somewhere else.


3. Collect Feedback From Your Support Department

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Website user behavior analysis may be made by collecting feedback from the support department. At the first sight, it might look as if support department is not the best place where you can measure your UX.

However, if you are implementing some changes to the website, you would rather get the customers’ opinions. What is more, you may even receive the calls from your audience where they will tell you whether they like the new feature of the website or don’t.

Hence, the support department should figure out what is exactly the thing people complain about or praise the most. After you measure the UX of your website, you will be aware of what are the certain things to fix.


4. Tools To Measure UX Of Your Website:

Tools What do they do?
Qualaroo It allows adding a survey to any page of your website.
Satismeter It allows collecting the net promoter score feedback of your mobile app, in email, or web app.
Wootric It allows getting a real-time feedback.
Usabilla It allows the gathering of feedback of several channels.


5. How Many Users Convert On Your Site?


Your website may be visited a lot, but the thing that matters is whether all or some of these visitors converted or not. For instance, you may measure the quality of their visiting of your website in Checkout Behavior Analysis report by Google analytics.

You can get the exact number of people who used your website and when some of them left it. That is why, you have to make sure your website does not feature the problems, making the user abandon the website.

It is worth mentioning that the customer prefers the websites that are convenient for usage. So you would rather make sure it is comfortable to utilize your website.


6. Check Site`s Load Speed

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Website’s load speed is a very important factor when you measure UX design. For instance, the optimal time for loading is under 3 seconds. If it is more, you would rather use optimize it.

If you want to know how quickly the website loads, use Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool. For instance, if you enter there the address of the website, it might show you which pages require some improvement and the reason of delay.

If your website includes images of big size, this may be a cause of the delay. So if you make them smaller, your site’s load speed will become shorter.



All things considered, measuring of UX of your website is very important for eCommerce success. That is why, all the ways mentioned above are very useful to improve your website features, making them more beneficial for the visitors.