YIFY YTS Torrent Proxy Unblock YTS Movies Mirror Sites And Alternatives


Published on February 4th, 2020

Watching movies online is an interesting concept which has become quite popular thanks to the convenience it offers.

However, more fun is when you download the movie so that you can have a look at it as and when you want. The yify tv website is the best place to be able to do so with ease.

This website has some of the best content that you can have a look at. Many titles have subtitles you can even watch different language content from all over the world. People who used to visit torrent websites till now have stopped doing that and are using the YIFY movie website for getting the same kind of benefits as before.

YIFY is becoming a popular joint for all those who used extra torrents, pirate bay, etc. to download movies. It allows these movie lovers to download films in 720p, 1080p, and Blu-Ray.

However, the website always remains in the eyes of Governments. Their methodology of letting customers watch movies is not appreciated by the regulation authorities. They ban such websites with ease thus causing problems to those who were ardent followers of the website.

In case you are also among those and facing any problems in accessing the website you may use proxies and mirrors that allow you to see the same content.

These proxies and mirrors are clones of the original website and offer the same kind of movies for download. That means that only the domains are different and the benefits that you receive are almost similar.

YIFY Movie Torrents


Exclusive from other torrent websites these proxies have content that is very high quality and offers a wide range to choose from. Here are some unique features that make this website so popular:

  • There are no ads to disturb
  • You get to download movies in the least of sizes
  • YIFY has subtitles mentioned for each movie
  • The movies can be shortlisted on the basis of various parameters
  • To ensure great quality they have been coded with x264 codec and MP4 container.
  • Users from around the world can download any movie and watch on any device.

Steps To Download Movies With The Help Of YIFY Torrents

To download movies with the help of YIFY torrents you need to have a torrent client. These could be any from among uTorrent, deluge or Vuze.

  1. Download a VPN software or any chrome extension to maintain high security
    Next visit any of the proxies or mirror sites of YIFY.
  2. Search for the movie that you wish to download and check on high quality that is 70p or 1080p.
  3. Click on the file that you have just downloaded
  4. Make sure that you have used uTorrent to open it otherwise your entire exercise would be futile.
  5. Alongside ensure that you are also selecting the other files that need to be downloaded with it. These include subtitles, wallpaper and then click download.
  6. Your yify movies would now be downloaded in the highest quality that you can ever hope to get.

The truth is that after following the above procedures you would be able to download the movies just like before. These proxies and mirrors are exactly the same as the original website and that increases the popularity they have in the minds of users.

The proxies have been created by a team that has been associated with the website for long and hence you can be assured of high quality. It is very important that you have VPN software in place so as to avoid any viruses from entering your system. With everything in place, you can hope to watch great movies at your luxury.

YTS YIFY Movies Torrents Alternatives

However, if this does not work with you then opting for any other website with the same benefits as YIFY is also another trick that works. You can search for websites that give free online TV viewing as a benefit and there is a huge variety for you to choose from.

Some of them might have ads in between and you may ignore if there is a problem if that. Most have a good range of TV shows and movies and if you select the best website you may actually end up enjoy being there.