5 Things You Should Know Before Purchase Adaptive Clothes

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Published on January 26th, 2019

Adapted clothes or adaptive clothing are defined as garments, clothing, and footwear that are specially designed for individuals suffering from physical disabilities.

This kind of clothing is also designed especially for post-surgery patients, seniors and infirm people who find it difficult to dress up without additional help. Self-dressing is not possible with conventional clothing style.

Aged people or individuals who are physically incapable can enjoy full independence with this kind of special clothing. Normal clothes come with zippers, buttons, etc. that are difficult to access for invalid people.

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Self-dressing becomes difficult for individuals suffering from health problems like arthritis, paraplegics, and quadriplegics. Adapted clothing can ensure that undressing and dressing become easier for such people.

Assistant clothing is also available under the section, which enables caregivers to dress and undress the patients with ease.

There are several medical purposes and styles available for disabled clothing – most of the garments come with Velcro or zippers that are easy to use.

This kind of clothing is designed in such a way that there is no need to remove it completely. An elderly patient or a senior citizen can enjoy full dignity along with self-care.

The best part is that adaptive clothing ensures added comfort as well as quick access for medical appliances. Nurses and surgeons can easily access the body parts when required for diagnosis without adding to any kind of discomfort for the patient.


Who Should Opt For Adaptive Clothing?

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In the US, more than 55 million of people suffer from disability issues, and some of them need extra care owing to the physical challenges.

Most of the people in their life have come across people suffering from disability problems, and some of the issues are so severe that it makes even simple tasks difficult in everyday life, like dressing up.

Medical adaptive clothes are quite useful for people with limited mobility as well as medical conditions like the disabled, the elderly, special needs, post-surgery needs, Parkinson’s, fitness needs, incontinence, stroke victims, multiple sclerosis, people living with arthritis, stroke victims, and others.


Factors To Consider When Buying Clothes For Seniors And Disabled People

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  • When it comes to elders, especially in certain conditions, it is quite essential to ensure that the material used for designing that adaptive clothes are not impressive to the human skin.
  • The design you choose should be as such that it does not make the person for whom you are purchasing feels below the dignity. For those who are on wheelchairs, day gowns accompanied by high back waistbands are the best.
  • Make sure that the fabrics used are of the highest quality so that the clothes can withstand rigorous usage and cleaning.
  • Adaptive clothing should be as such that it benefits the users psychologically and physically. After all, quality clothing should make us feel good about our own self, promoting the sense of well-being.
  • Garments that are usually hanging around the wheels or brakes of the wheelchair can be white hazardous
  • Check out the location of the fasteners so that no such pressure is applied to the tender parts of the body, which can otherwise lead to sores etc.
  • Split shoulder dressing is a better option for elders and disabled people because there is no need to wear them over the head. It can be easily donned over the individual.

1. Adaptive Clothes Are Like Conventional Clothing

Adaptive clothing feels and looks like normal clothes. They are designed to make the wearer feel comfortable and natural. In certain areas, albeit is designed a bit wider to stow the medical enhancements.

It cannot be said that adaptive clothing is designed to appear dull and boring. Fashionable and trendy adapted clothes are available, which include swimwear and undergarments for ostomates, compression stockings, etc.

They are specially designed for stowing medical enhancements, so kept light without any heavy additions. Unique enhancements are used like Velcro, zippers, etc.


2. Long Lasting And Unique Designs For Ease In Medicinal Assistance

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Quality adaptive garments from popular brands come with medical benefits as well as long shelf life. As this kind of clothing is designed for the benefits of the wearers, it needs to be passed through additional development processes to enhance medical uses.


3. The Myriad Range Of Sizes

The body of individuals varies a lot, so adaptive clothing comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. When purchasing adapted clothes for anyone in your home or an individual having a physical disability, it is important that you considered the style and mobility to bring out the difference.


4. From Where Should You Buy Adapted Clothes?

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The clothing size is simply defined as the label sizes that are used for female and male garments. There are several standard sizes available across the globe depending on clothes like skirts, tops, trousers, and dresses – the sizes also differ according to the countries.

Before placing the order, it is always advisable that you clearly study the conversion chart because international standards vary from one country to another regarding the clothing sizes.


5. Purchasing Adapted Clothes Online

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There are several online clothing stores where you can easily come across adaptive clothes at lower prices. As compared to offline shopping, this is a convenient option because you can get the ordered products at your doorstep.

A number of online stores are now coming up with unique designs for adaptive clothes. So, purchasing this kind of clothing has become easier than ever before.

The trend of adaptive clothing has recently become more popular owing to their easy availability and affordable prices. With online purchasing increasing slowly, now individuals can even order their own adaptive clothes online from the comfort of their home.

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