12 Style Tips For The Fashion Diva Entering Her 30’s

Fashion Tips

Published on March 19th, 2020

When we are young everything looks good on us. There is a whole lot of experimentation that we can do with the costumes. On top of it, the accessories are there to lend a visibly beautiful look to our entire persona.

However, as soon as the thirty’s start approaching the diva in us needs to modify its style.

Experimentation goes out of the window and being subtle is the key to looking gorgeous. Here are 12 style tips for the fashion divas who are about to enter the 30’s.

1. Chuck The Bright Colours

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Leave the bright colours like red, green, neon, and hot pink. Replace them with pastel shades like browns, pink, white, lavender and blue. These colours tend to look graceful and add them with bright lipsticks to lend sophistication to your look.

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2. Tight Dresses

Time to drop the body-hugging tight dresses that used to make you look hot. Instead, go for the sheath and shift dresses that give fullness to your curves. Such options look graceful in whatever occasion setting you are going to.

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3. Graphic Tees

Enough of those messages passing graphic tees that you used to flaunt earlier. You can change it to shirts which are not so flashy and yet nowhere down in the style department. Tuck them under the jeans or just wear under a coat the impact would be the same.

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4. Kurti Style

Kurtis never go out of fashion and its time you accept that. Anarkali Kurtis are always in fashion and look cool whether in office or outside. Just take a simple dupatta and add tassel earrings to perk up the effect.

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5. Low Rise Jeans

Time to bid them goodbye and bring some normal level jeans in your wardrobe. There is a variety of styles available in this category and you would never look old fashioned.

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6. Sneakers

LED Light Up Shoes

You are done with sneaker-wearing and you must retire that look now. Go for pumps and platform heels and add up to your magic every day.

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7. Mini Skirts

We guess it is time you put these too way. Anything that looks tacky should be removed from your wearing list. Instead, you can go for pencil skirts and blouses accentuate the beauty of your curves and can be worn just about anywhere.

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8. Ripped Jeans

Though we are sure you have already stopped considering them but if you have not, start doing so. You may replace them with acid-washed jeans and pair them with colourful tops to look gorgeous always.

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9. Leather Jackets

Another item that should now go away from your range. They make you look like a wild person and obviously you don’t want that image. You could opt for trench coats and classy coats to keep the style quotient high.

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10. Over Sized Hoodies

Over Sized Hoodies

Though they give you the ultimate comfort you would have to shift from them. Change it with a poncho or a cashmere sweater. They look stylish and keep you warm when needed.

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11. Wraparound Skirts

This is only for the youngsters and no more your cup of tea. You could now go for maxi dresses or colourful kaftans both of which look stunning combinations.

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12. Tote Bags

Nothing is better than a designer handbag especially when you are going out. The tote bags must have looked charming earlier but with age, this is one aspect that you have to pay attention to.

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