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Hoi An

May 16th, 2019   |   Updated on August 5th, 2021

Hoi An, once known as Faifo, with more than 2,000 years history, was the principal port of the Cham Kingdom, which controlled the strategic spice trade with Indonesia from the 7th to the 10th century and was a major international port in the 16th and 17th centuries – and the foreign influences are discernible to this day.

The culture & heritage is mostly from the Cham people whose kingdom originally stretched from Hue South to Phan Thiet (South of Nha Trang) – the Champa’s most likely originally from Java. The original Cham political capital was Tra Kieu, the commercial capital was Hoi An and the spiritual capital was My Son (Hindu). The Cham people were Hindu, and by the 10th century the influence of Arab traders to Hoi An resulted in some converting to become Muslims.

The second major influence was from the Chinese, firstly from traders but especially the escaping Ming Dynasty armies who after settling in Hoi An for some years moved further south and created Saigon as a major trading port.

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1. Hoi An Ancient Town

 Hoi An Ancient Town

Take a step back in time and go on a half-day walking tour of Hoi An Ancient Town—a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A private guide will lead you through the well-kept historic district of this once-prosperous seaport city. Nowadays, Hoi An is one of the most popular destinations for travel while in Vietnam.

8 am: After pick up from your hotel in Hoi An, we’ll spend the morning with a walking tour around this enchanting port town. Follow the narrow lanes lined with centuries-old houses influenced by Chinese, Japanese, French and European architectures and visit its numerous places of interest: the 400-year old Japanese Covered Bridge, the Phuc Kien Assembly Halls, and the local fish market.

Around the town, we can see numerous art galleries and tailors. You can take the opportunity to get fitted for some made-to-order clothes if you would like. After your tour of the town, you’ll board a boat and enjoy a 1-hour cruise on the Thu Bon river to enjoy the natural views and to observe the daily lives of the local fishing people. Return to your hotel by 12 pm noon.

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2. An Bang Beach

Just 3km north of Cua Dai, An Bang is one of Vietnam’s most happening and enjoyable beaches. At present there’s a wonderful stretch of fine sand and an enormous horizon, with less of the serious erosion evident at Cua Dai, and with only the distant Cham Islands interrupting the seaside symmetry. Staying at the beach and visiting Hoi An on day trips is a good strategy for a relaxing visit to the area.

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3. Precious Heritage

Precious Heritage

The latest project from Hoi An–based French photographer Réhahn, this cross between a museum and a gallery combines his superb photos of Vietnam’s hill tribes with artefacts and clothing he collected from each group during his wide-ranging travels in remote areas. If you’re planning on visiting the north of the country or the Central Highlands, Precious Heritage is an essential detour.

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4. Hoi An Impression Theme Park

Hoi An Impression Theme Park

The park which is considered as the first theme park in the country will feature stage shows presenting to visitors the blend of Western and Asian architecture, architectural works of Vietnam, Japan, China and Western countries as well as reviving images of Hoi An as a major trading center of Southeast Asia in the 16th century and the center of the legendary Silk Road, bringing silk products from Vietnam’s southern region to China, Japan and various European countries.

There are also Vietnamese traditional music performances; popular rites and ceremonies, folk festivals and traditions observed from generation to generation. One of the highlights of the event is the reappearance of the wedding procession of Princess Ngoc Hoa and Japanese trader Araki Sotaro to commemorate the princess who helped build the relationship between Vietnam and Japan.

The real world performance features Vietnam’s traditional ao dai using modern staging techniques, lighting technology and elegant audio effects. Through these, a 400-year-old story of Hoi An is represented with all of its grace and prosperity. The delivered stories are Trai Ho Beating Tiger, the love story of silkworm goddess, the wedding ceremony of Princess Ngoc Hoa and the Happy Forest. Get the ticket for further discovery!

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5. Japanese Covered Bridge

Japanese Covered Bridge

This beautiful little bridge is emblematic of Hoi An. A bridge was first constructed here in the 1590s by the Japanese community to link it with the Chinese quarters. Over the centuries the ornamentation has remained relatively faithful to the original Japanese design. The French flattened out the roadway for cars, but the original arched shape was restored in 1986. The bridge is due for a complete removal for repair, so check it’s open before you travel, if making a special trip.

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6. Cua Dai Beach

Heading east of Hoi An, new housing and hotels mix with older rice paddies, and the riverbank meanders for around 5km to sandy beaches. This palm-fringed coastline extends north to Danang, and despite the development, there are still a few quieter stretches; it’s a good area to explore independently on two wheels.

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7. Thanh Ha Terracotta Park

This museum presents an overview of the history of terracotta in different countries and cultures around the world. Often there are local craftspeople in residence in the museum’s workshop.

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8. Tra Que Minty Garden

Tra Que Minty Garden

Take a short stroll around the vegetable garden provides you with insight into the history of our village, and the different crops the villagers cultivate. Join gardening activities in preparing the land, fertilizing with seaweed, raking the ground, sowing, watering, and picking vegetables.

PM: Cooking session begins, you learn the differences about the ingredients and our traditional methods of preparing and cooking some Vietnamese foods.

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9. Thanh Ha Pottery Village

Thanh Ha Pottery Village

Located in Thanh Ha Pottery Village –about 3 km to the west of the ancient town of Hoi An, Thanh Ha Terracotta Park was built in 2011 on an area of almost 6,000 square meters by the architect Nguyen Van Nguyen who was born and raised in the village, inspired by the century-old traditional way of working of the craftsmen.

The park is divided into five functional areas: Nam Dieu village, Creativity Workshop, Trade Promotion, Pottery Museum and An Outdoor Exhibition Area. Each large space has its own story narrated by symbolic pictures, objects, artifacts … which linked together in the 500-year period of establishment and development of Thanh Ha pottery village. The Thanh Ha village was famous for its pottery, bricks and tiles.

Especially the unique Yin – Yang tiles which you can still see on many roofs in the old city of Hoi An. There is so much beautiful to build with bricks. The red bricks, typical for the clay in the region, are also used for the building of the terracotta museum. Same as the village completely surrounded by water, the museum is completely surrounded by the village.

Its interior is designed like the houses of the pottery craftsman: the kiln (oven), the potter’s wheel, the workshop and the place for presentation Tickets can be picked up at any of our ticket partner’s offices at convenient locations in Hoi An, Da Nang, or Da Nang Airport

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10. Museum of Trade Ceramics

Occupies a restored wooden house and contains a small collection of artefacts from all over Asia, with oddities from as far afield as Egypt. While this reveals that Hoi An had some rather impressive trading links, it takes an expert’s eye to appreciate the display. The exhibition on the restoration of Hoi An’s old houses provides a useful crash course in Old Town architecture.

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Top Hotels In Hoi An


1. Belle Maison Hadana Hoi


Located just 700m from Hoi An Ancient Town, Belle Maison Hadana Hoi An Resort and Spa, managed by H&K Hospitality, encapsulates the uniqueness of Hoi An’s heritage and culture to create an enchanting and serene charm, being the home of elegant lifestyle and utmost indulgence for all our valued guests. Belle Maison Hadana Hoi An Resort and Spa boasts 95 rooms and suites, all are tastefully furnished and fitted out, decorated using a warmth of neutral colors and unique textures. Each of our rooms features a private balcony where you can immerse yourself in the amazing view of the city, our pool garden or the unspoiled paddy field.

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2. Golden Pearl


Golden Pearl Hotel Hoi An is conveniently located near the center of Hoi An Ancient Town, just 0.9 km east, 3 km from An Bang beach and 25 km from the airport. The hotel offers 50 rooms (ranging from Deluxe to Premium suite) with tastefully designed, luxurious decor that offers beautiful views of the fields and city.

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3. Little Riverside Hoi An

Little Riverside Hoi An

Ideally situated on the banks of the Thu Bon River in the heart of the ancient town, Little Riverside. A Luxury Hotel and Spa, beckons with peaceful sunrises and a refreshing breeze. The traditional architecture and design is distinctly Hoianese, exuding charming warmth that will make a lasting impression.

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4. Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort & Spa


Discover Hoi An, splendor of the past Annam, a most charming town listed as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. Explore the vestiges of a glorious Cham past. Victoria Hoi An Beach Resort & Spa replicates a traditional fishing village with small streets, water ponds and village houses with clay-tiled roofs, providing a warm and restful environment.

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5. Lasenta Boutique Hotel Hoian


Set at the outskirt of Hoi An, Lasenta Hotel has a stunning view over the rice paddies. With 73 modern and stylish furnished rooms, this 4* family owned Boutique Hotel, is an ideal accommodation for a wide range customer target. An excellent customer service is guaranteed, with a money back policy. Thanks to the many years of experience as the 1st and most renowned tailor shop in town, we assure high-quality products with outstanding service. Whether you plan for beach holidays, a weekend get-away, a business trip or a pit-stop on the way from North to South, at the Lasanta you will find the perfect stay with a homey feeling.

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6. Allegro Hoi An

Allegro Hoi An

A Five- star luxury hotel located in the heart of Hoi An Ancient Town. Just a few minutes, travelers can join in the life rhythm of Hoi An citizens. Moreover, from the hotel to the east 4.5 km, travelers can enjoy the pristine beaches with white sand, crystal-clear blue water. We offer 94 stylish suites, tastefully designed and appointed with a perfect charming blend fusion between of the Vietnamese lifestyle antique architecture and Heritage- influenced accent, to ensure the most comfortable relaxing and enjoyable stay.

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7. Lantana Riverside Hoi


Lantana Riverside Hoi An Boutique Hotel & Spa is located only 25 kilometers away from Danang International Airport and 15 minutes walking to the Hoi An Ancient town, makes for a great position loved by our guests. Lantana Hoi An Riverside Boutique Hotel & Spa offers spacious and Hoi An stylish guest rooms, boasts a panoramic view overlooking the river or the village.

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8. Sunrise Premium Resort Hoi An


The Art of luxury Perfectly nestled alongside Cua Dai beach – one of the most beautiful beaches of the world with only 10- minutes’ drive to Hoi An Ancient Town, Sunrise Hoi An Resort is one of the most luxury resort radiating the charm of Vietnam’s most picturesque town. Here, experience the Art of Luxury paired with the unique cultural touches. Designed for offering tranquillity but yet all the modern features a Resort has to offer, Families and Couples alike will enjoy the unique touch of Sunrise Service. Inspired to reflect Hoi An’s heritage the resort is paying attention to the young guests with an exclusive Kids Club.

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9. Venus Hotel & Spa


Venus Hotel & Spa offers good value accommodation. The hotel offers an outdoor pool and modern rooms. Rooms at the Venus Hotel & Spa are spacious, clean, have comfortable beds, air conditioning, flat-screen TV with cable / satellite channels, tea and coffee making facilities, a hair dryer and a mini bar. Standard inclusions to the bathroom are a shower and towels expecial bathtub at Suite rooms. T

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10. Lantana Boutique Hotel


Lantana Boutique Hotel & SPA is ideally situated right on the Hoai river bank at a superbly convenient location. Overlooking the peaceful streaming of the legendary Hoai river, facing Song hoai square and further insight the full view of the heart of Hoi An Ancient Town.

Step out the Hotel just a very short walk to pass by the quarter of Restaurants, Bars, Spas, Tailor shops, Souvenir shops then in between where is the little An Hoi bridge cross Hoai river to the famous Japanese bridge (the symbol of Hoi An) and to the heart of Hoi An ancient downtown.

Our five star standard Superior, Deluxe, Superb Deluxe Room and Family Suite that are fully equipped with the most modern facilities together with a full array of amenities and supplies. The Hotel Private Beach is only three and half Kilometers from the Hotel. The Hotel offers free Shuttle Service from the Hotel and Reverse.

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