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May 14th, 2018   |   Updated on February 26th, 2019

One of the amazing and wonderful destinations for vacations in South East Asia is Thailand. A huge number of people visit Thailand regularly. If you are looking for economical as well as beautiful destination for honeymoon also, there is no other better place than Thailand.

In Thailand, there are beautiful temples and one can get the cultural benefits. The food lovers should at least visit once Thailand because Thailand has the best street food.

Some quick information about Thailand-

1. Currency of Thailand- Thai baht

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2. Thailand visa- if you are from US, UK and EU, you will be given a free visa of 30 days. Even if you do not belong to that country then also it is not at all difficult to get the visa of Thailand. After getting the visa, if you want to extent the visa then also it is very easy.

3. Safety in Thailand- Thailand is a safe place to visit. However, if someone wants to be doubly sure, he/she can have travel insurance and most of the people do the same.


4. Language- nowadays, as a huge number of people are in tourism industry so the English-language is the most common language in the Thailand. Nevertheless, if you do not know the language, then also there is no problem. One can get a travel guide, which will help to guide.

5. Celebrations and festivals- people most commonly visit this country in the festive season. If you are planning a trip to Thailand then at least enjoy the 2 main festivals of Thai people i.e., Songkran and Loi Krathong.

6. Planning the Thailand trip- although one can visit Thailand at any time but the most common and amazingtime to visit Thailand is December to march.


7. Rough budget- it is one of the most important step, which should be followed before going to any destination. If the matter is of Thailand, this country is not too expensive. One has to spend 30-35 dollars, which will include accommodation, and food.As said earlier, food is very cheap in Thailand especially street food.

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8. Packing before visiting Thailand- Every country has different seasons like Thailand. People get the clothes according to the season but do no forget to bring a lot of cool quick dry clothing as well as some scarfs so as visit the temples and certain religious places.

Places to visit in Thailand

It is the country, which have most of the things to do, and places to visit. Millions of people visit Thailand but still there are some areas that are still unexplored.

Get amazed by the chaos of Bangkok

It is the busiest city of Thailand. This is the heart of Thailand and this is the amazing and the most energetic place to visit in Thailand. The places to visit in Bangkok are several temples, shopping areas and exotic locations. Do not forget to visit famous grand palace and famous Wat Pho temple. One can enjoy the street foods all over the roads of Bangkok.

1. Trekking in the northern Thailand

One can visit the mountains in the northern Thailand and get amazed by it. This is the calmest place to visit in Thailand. You either can go for trekking the mountains or can simply enjoy the wonderfulness of the cool and fresh air.

2. Explore another world- underwater world

This place has an amazing underwater marine life. One can easily learn scuba diving in Thailand as it is one of the cheapest country to learn scuba diving.

3. Explore the unexplored

People used to visit the explored areas but one can enjoy to visit the unexplored. After visiting Thailand, you can have the chance to visit unusual temples, unusual places, national parks and certain natural attractions.

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4. Camping in the national parks

Bangkok National Park

Most of the people who are visiting Thailand, love to go for camping in the national park and trekking on the mountains such as Doi Mon Chang.

5. Island hopping in Thailand

As there is no shortage of underwater life, similarly there is no shortage of amazing beaches to visit in Thailand. More of, it is famous for its beaches. Thailand consists of the best beaches in the Southeast Asia.

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