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21 Extremely Useful Gifts For Brand New Parents

Useful Gifts For Brand New Parents (1)

July 3rd, 2018   |   Updated on June 17th, 2021

Becoming parents for the very first time can be quite overwhelming.

Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of chock full of ultra useful and quality products designed to make your life as new parents go a little smoother.

Useful Gifts For Brand New Parents

In this list you’ll find a varied line of products that range from useful everyday items like a baby carrying jacket.

A hands-free baby bottle holder, and a military grade baby carrier to more outrageous items like a longboard baby stroller and a tortilla baby swaddle blanket – everything new parents could possibly need for their newest addition.

Whittling down the list of  gifts for new parents is hard because they could really use so much.

Extremely Useful Gifts For Brand New Parents

Here are some of the best gifts that every new parent can put to use immediately to have a better time and be more effective.

1. Baby Pacifier Thermometer

Take your newborn baby’s body temperature without humiliating him by sticking a thermometer up his virgin ass – instead simply use the baby pacifier thermometer. This clever device doubles as a calming pacifier as well as a tool to easily get your baby’s temperature.

Dual Jet Bath Spa

 Price : $11.99Baby Pacifier Thermometer

2. Baby Panda Night Light

Nothing will reassure your frightened offspring that everything is alright quite like the baby panda nightlight. This cute nightlight is styled like an adorable and cuddly cartoon panda that emits a soothing glow ideal for lighting a dark room and keeping the boogie man at bay.

Dual Jet Bath Spa

 Price : $16.98Baby Panda Night Light

3. Baby Up In This Bitch Car Decal

Make people take notice of your precious cargo by getting their attention with the “Baby Up In This Bitch” car decal. It’s styled like the popular “Baby On Board” signs but with a more impactful and humorous statement that’s sure to get a big reaction from drivers.

Dual Jet Bath Spa

 Price : $7.87Baby Up In This Bitch Car Decal

4. Baby Carrying Jacket

Carry your newly born baby with ease thanks to the Peekaru hands free baby carrying jacket. The Peekaru is a cool gift idea for parents who live active lifestyles and want the ease of carrying around their baby while still being able to use their hands freely.

Dual Jet Bath Spa

 Price : $69.99Baby Carrying Jacket

5. Tortilla Baby Swaddle Blanket

Keep your newborn in a state of euphoria when you bundle them up in the tortilla baby swaddle blanket. Once wrapped up in this delicious looking tortilla blanket, they’ll resemble a meaty and savory monster burrito stuffed with all the fixings.

Dual Jet Bath Spa

 Price : $42.00Tortilla Baby Swaddle Blanket

6. The Infant Survival Guide

Get a leg up on the whole parenting thing by studying “The Infant Survival Guide”. Perfect for newbie parents, it comes filled with helpful tips and tricks such as the proper spot to place your baby while you’re doing chores.

Dual Jet Bath Spa

 Price : $10.36The Infant Survival Guide

7. Military Grade Baby Carrier

Ensure your bundle of joy remains safe when you head out by placing them inside this military grade baby carrier. This tactical baby carrier features a MOLLE attachment system on the front and back, a sun shield, and a sturdy 100D nylon outer construction.

Dual Jet Bath Spa

 Price : $190.00Military Grade Baby Carrier

8. DIY Hanging Cloth Crib

Turn a fun project into Junior’s favorite place to rest by crafting him a comfy hanging cloth crib. This simple DIY project shows you how to make a sturdy hammock-like crib that your infant will love rocking in all day long.

Dual Jet Bath Spa

 Price : $29.50DIY Hanging Cloth Crib

9. Baby Vital Signs Monitor Sock

Rest easy while your tiny human is out of sight by placing this baby vital signs monitor sock on them. It utilizes pulse oximetry to keep track of your baby’s vitals and is programmed to send you text alerts if anything goes wrong.

Dual Jet Bath Spa

 Price : $249.99Baby Vital Signs Monitor Sock

10. Baby Owner’s Manual

Caring for newborns is easier than ever with the Babies Owner’s Manual. It takes you through all the stages of baby ownership like “refueling” and “garaging” – displaying helpful facts, flow charts, and even wiring diagrams to facilitate the learning process.

Dual Jet Bath Spa

 Price : $7.99Baby Owner’s Manual

11. Airplane Baby Seat

Keep your infant – and the rest of the plane – happy while in the air by laying him down on the airplane baby seat. This FAA compliant seat utilizes the space in between yourself and the seat in front of you to create a little hammock bed for junior.

Dual Jet Bath Spa

 Price : $39.95Airplane Baby Seat

12. Longboard Baby Stroller

Get your child hooked on adrenaline rushes from an early age with some crazy downhill rides on the longboard baby stroller. This radical stroller will keep your baby safe and comfy as they experience the thrill of whizzing down the street at dangerous speeds.

Dual Jet Bath Spa

 Price : $599.00Longboard Baby Stroller

13. Smart Baby Monitor

Ensure your bundle of joy remains safe when they’re not with you by tracking their every movement using the smart baby monitor. Designed for today’s tech savvy parents, it tracks and sends your baby’s position, sounds, and breathing directly to your smartphone.

Dual Jet Bath Spa

 Price : $118.81Smart Baby Monitor

14. Baby Stroller Scooter

Don’t be tied down by that pesky new born baby of yours, now you can satisfy your need for mobility and speed with the baby stroller scooter. Not only will you be getting to places quicker, but your baby will love the adrenaline rush you give him.

Dual Jet Bath Spa

 Price : $279.99Baby Stroller Scooter

15. Wireless Video Baby Monitor

Keep an eye on your precious bundle of joy at all times using this wireless video baby monitor. This high tech monitor comes with two-way audio as well as a 2.8″ color LCD monitor and infrared night vision to ensure Jr. remains safe and sound.

Dual Jet Bath Spa

 Price : $108.93Wireless Video Baby Monitor

16. Blooming Flower Baby Bath

Parents raising infants can now make their lives a whole lot easier using the flower baby bath seat. This adorably designed seat is the cuter alternative to a regular baby tub; its unique flower shape cradles your little bundle of joy so they remain comfy during bath time.

Dual Jet Bath Spa

 Price : $44.99Blooming Flower Baby Bath

17. Car Ride Simulating Crib

Get your newborn to doze off in record time by laying him down inside this car ride simulating crib. Apart from mimicking the gentle movements of a car ride, it emits a restrained engine noise and even comes with built-in LEDs that simulate passing street lights.

Dual Jet Bath Spa

 Price : $72.00Car Ride Simulating Crib

18. Tactical Baby Gear MOLLE Backpack

Be prepared for anything while you’re on daddy duty by using this tactical baby gear MOLLE backpack. Apart from ample storage, it comes lined with tough MOLLE straps, a padded backside for added comfort, and a 2.5 liter hydration bladder.

Dual Jet Bath Spa

 Price : $115.00Tactical Baby Gear MOLLE Backpack

19. Hands Free Baby Bottle Holder

Make feeding time a little easier on yourself by using this hands free baby bottle holder. The ingenious design holds the bottle at just the right angle so that junior can drink comfortably while allowing you to keep your other hand free.

Dual Jet Bath Spa

 Price : $39.95Hands Free Baby Bottle Holder

20. Baby Sling Carrier

Free up your hands while carrying Jr. around town by placing him inside this baby sling carrier. This handmade item features an elegant unisex pinstripe design and comes in a variety of various sizes so it can accommodate all types of parents and babies.

Dual Jet Bath Spa

 Price : $39.95Baby Sling Carrier

21. Baby Movement Monitor

Ensure your infant is in good health while they slumber by placing the Snuza baby movement monitor on him. The device clips over your baby’s diaper waistband and vibrates to stimulate movement from your baby – if no movement is sensed, it emits an audible alarm.

Dual Jet Bath Spa

 Price : $118.24Baby Movement Monitor