20 Useful Kitchen Gadgets That Ought To Be On Your Holiday Wish List

Kitchen Gadgets That Will Change Your Life

January 14th, 2020   |   Updated on September 10th, 2020

If you love both cooking and eating, you spend probably most of your free time in the kitchen, which becomes the heart of your household.

Cooking may bring a lot of pleasure, but only if you have an innate talent for that, the mind full of creative recipes, specialised equipment and essential ingredients. Not everyone is destined for cooking, though.

Some people prefer eating out or ordering food. That’s ok, too. But both of these groups may need some kitchen gadgets which will help them to prepare even the simplest meals.

To give you some ideas of such devices which you can put on your holiday wish list, take a look at the following list.

1. Induction Cookware

To begin with, before enumerating many innovative gadgets, the first and foremost thing that you must possess is suitable cookware. These days, more and more people own an induction cooktop. To cook on this type of stove, you could equip yourself with the best induction cookware.

In most cases, only vessels with a flat bottom, and made of ferrous metal will work on this type of range. So the best cookware that can be used there is cast iron and any black metal or iron.

2. Pressure Cooker

Aroma ARC-914SBD

Another must-have which will save the lives of all cooking ignorants is a pressure cooker. This magical machine with multiple functions can cook, fry, steam and even sauté.

It’ll also significantly save your time. So, even if you can’t cook very well, all your dishes will be tasty and crispy as if you were a chef in the best restaurant in town. And that’s all possible thanks to your intelligent sous-chef.

3. Food Processor

If you are, however, more advanced in cooking and you want to make your own peanut butter or pesto, you may wish for a food processor.

From now on, you won’t have to worry about slicing or mincing, which takes most of your time. This machine will do these activities for you.

4. Indoor Electric Grill

Tayama TG-868

Have you ever wanted to eat grilled meat or vegetables in the middle of winter? If yes, an indoor electric grill is something for you. Having this, you’ll be able to make burgers, fried bacon or even pancakes anytime you like.

5. Sandwich Maker

For a younger part of the family, a sandwich maker will be an excellent idea. Most children and teenagers love sandwiches from this device. They are a nice variation, and they’ll work at most kindergarten parties.

6. Waffle Maker

A strikingly similar function plays a waffle maker, but instead of sandwiches, it makes sweet waffles. It’s enough to put on them some whipped cream and fresh fruits, and your dessert is ready!

7. Coffee Machine

coffee machines

For coffee lovers, the number one on their holiday wish list should be a coffee machine. Drinking such a cup of good coffee in the morning will boost their energy and make their day.

8. Coffee Grinder

Roasted Coffee Beans

To preserve the natural aroma of the coffee, you can grind it either in a manual coffee grinder, or an electric one.

The first is a better option if you share your apartment with flatmates and you want to avoid waking them up every morning. The second option is more comfortable, though more expensive.

9. Blender

If you prefer smoothie to coffee, or you need to grind something, you’ll need a blender. Although it can be a little bit loud when you crank it at top speed, designed to fit your needs it’s highly profitable.

10. Juicer

To make fresh juice, you should have a juicer. Although you can use it for that purpose also a blender, it’s always better to have a separate machine only for juice.

11. Fruit Squeezer

If you can’t afford to buy a juicer, you can choose something cheaper. And this could be a fruit squeezer. However, remember that it requires more time and physical strength than in the case of using a juicer.

12. Popcorn Maker

Are there any movie bugs here? Then, you probably know what you need. It’s a large bucket of popcorn. If you watch a lot of movies, then you could invest in a popcorn maker so that you don’t have to buy ready popcorn anytime you want to go to the home cinema.

13. Pizza Stone

Pizza lovers will also find something for themselves among kitchen gadgets. It’ll be an ultra-conductive pizza stone, made preferably of steel, on which you can bake the best home-made pizza ever.

14. Ravioli Rolling Pin

If you, instead, opt more for pasta than pizza, you can buy or wish for a ravioli rolling pin. The shape of your ravioli pieces will be as perfect as you were an Italian chef.

15. Kitchen Scale

For all these delicious dishes, the most necessary is the proper amount of ingredients. So how can you measure them? With a kitchen scale. This invaluable device will make your cooking much easier.

16. Vacuum Sealer

And what about all the food you have in excess? You may either throw it away, which isn’t recommended or use a zero-waste economy.

In the second case, you’ll need a vacuum cleaner, which will keep your food fresh for a long time. If you like sous-vide, that’s a perfect solution, too.

17. Electric Knife Sharpener

But what to do if your knife suddenly blunts? To sharpen it quickly, you should have an electric knife sharpener close at hand Blunt knives are only chefs’ nuisance.

18. Digital Food Thermometer

To control the heat of your food during cooking or baking in the oven, your best helper will be a digital food thermometer, which will show you the precise temperature of your dish.

19. Egg Cooker

Do you want to boil several eggs quickly at the same time? Of course, you can do it traditionally, buy why, if you can use an egg cooker? This innovative gadget allows you to make up to 6 hard-boiled, soft-boiled or even poached eggs in less than 10 minutes. Amazing? Let’s check it out!

20. Cordless Electric Wine Opener

The last kitchen gadget on the list is a cordless electric wine opener. Everyone must have experienced the problems with opening a bottle of wine. With this gadget at hand, you’ll open every bottle.

Summing up, everyone should choose something suitable for themselves from the list mentioned above and ask for it, either on their holiday or birthday wish list. Maybe you’ll be in possession of your favourite gadget earlier than you think.