Is Windows Defender Good For Windows 10?

Windows Defender Good For Windows 10

Published on November 29th, 2019

Windows 10 does not require users to install an antivirus, as the operating system has a built-in security system that was announced yet in Windows 8.

But is this the best solution for the protection of your computer? Let’s see if Windows 10 has enough protection or if you need antivirus software for Windows 10.

What Is Windows Defender

That is an updated version of Microsoft Security Essentials, a free product from Microsoft. Originally it existed as a standalone component and was available for the older versions of the operating system.

Now it is built into OS and ensures that all PCs have a good level of protection against various threats.

Besides, the product is free of charge — you will not pay any cent. The application does not include any trial modules and allows saving a lot of money.

Defender Features

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The software is available by default and does not require additional activation. The utility automatically checks the launched programs, updates the databases through the Update Center, and has an interface for a full system check.

But how effective is the product? Will it be able to provide the proper level of protection or still need to install third-party antivirus? Even though it is a bit weaker than some competitors, it consumes a minimum amount of system resources.

Besides, it is not too annoying and does not ask for money to unlock some features. Also, it does not collect data about users and does not use them for its benefit, as some free utilities do.

In general, the utility reliably protects the PC. With regular automatic updates, using a modern browser, and avoiding dangerous plugins, this is a great way to protect your computer, and it will be safe.

Moreover, by following the standard recommendations and security rules, which should always be followed, Windows Defender will adequately cope with its primary task.

Results Of The Threat Detection Tests

According to the specialized AV-Test results, Windows Defender got quite a low score, but it recognized 88% of zero-day attacks and 99.8% of the common and widespread threats. However, the Defender still works quite effectively.

Thinking about the preferred antivirus solution for Windows 10, do not forget that the operating system includes additional security features.

For example, the SmartScreen filter prevents malicious components from loading and running. Moreover, modern browsers have a unique Google Safe Browsing feature that blocks the activity of most malicious utilities.

For most users, with a minimum of common sense and security knowledge, Windows Defender will be sufficient.

But if you’re dealing with risky browsing or pirated software, it’s better to use some other program. A paid antivirus will deal with all the existing threats as effectively as possible.

Pros And Cons

If you still do not know in favor of what program to make a choice, then you should consider the basic properties of the defender.

  • Completely free
  • In-depth testing of the operating system
  • Minimum percentage of false alarms
  • Minimum system requirements
  • No advertising and excessive functions that slow down the PC.
  • It does not require activation
  • It does not collect user data for its benefit
  • Sometimes it misses malware
  • A bit less capable than some competitors

The disadvantages of the product are typical for most free products. However, they are covered by many strong points.


Having analyzed all the information about the Windows Defender in detail, we can say for sure that the app provides a decent level of security. The program easily copes with the tasks it should. However, constant updating of databases and the use of exclusively reliable browsers
Even though Windows Defender did not receive the best score during the tests, this antivirus software easily recognizes any threats and viruses.

That’s what makes it so reliable. According to the developers, their efforts were primarily focused on creating a program that reacts quickly and effectively to the most common threats on the Internet, and they managed to do so.

Moreover, Windows 10 includes some additional advanced security features such as Firewall, Smart Screen, Google Safe Browsing.

Together they are ready to protect the vast majority of users from any online threat. Do not download dangerous and malicious software, do not conduct risky activities, and you will be able to keep your PC safe.

However, if you choose a protector only because it is free and less demanding to the system requirements, there are a lot of alternative solutions.

Do you need any help in selecting the right product? Read our overview of antivirus software for Windows 10. Here we provide the details about the most popular antivirus applications for Windows 10 computers, both free and paid.