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14 Amazing Stuffs To Keep You Healthy


July 31st, 2015   |   Updated on August 22nd, 2020

1. Virtual Fighting Fitness Game

Step into the future of physical training with the virtual fighting  fitness game. This high-tech game comes equipped with a central monitor in addition to five strategically placed smaller pads designed to mimic realistic situations in order to get you into top fighting shape.
Virtual Fighting Fitness Game
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2. Brainwave Fitness Headband

A better brain is just 3 minutes away with the brainwave fitness headband. The headband – known as Muse – is a brain fitness tool that allows you to do more with your mind by helping improve productivity, motivation, and even aiding in lowering stress levels.
Brainwave Fitness Headband
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3. Treadmill Desk

Stay fit while slaving away at your soul crushing office job by replacing your workstation with the treadmill desk. This customized desk fits almost any treadmill and provides ample space to work comfortably so you can stay productive as you get your daily cardio in.

Treadmill Desk

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4. Smart Eyewear For Athletes

Maximize your daily runs and bike rides by staying connected with help from the Recon Jet smart eyewear. The ergonomic design provides a comfortable fit as you move – feeding you with the data you need without overwhelming your field of vision.

Smart Eyewear For Athletes

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5. Multi-Vitamins For Drinkers

You can now live a healthy life style while also being a raging alcoholic – all thanks to these multi-vitamins for drinkers! These multi-vitamins are the real deal, created specifically to help drinkers replenish nutrients needed for healthy liver function and much more.

Multi-Vitamins For Drinkers

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6. Aerial Yoga Hammock

Take your yoga workout to new heights when you begin practicing on the aerial yoga hammock. Once safely anchored, the hammock suspends you mid air and features foot stirrups so that you can perform gravity-defying moves in glorious ass hugging yoga pants.


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7. Hand Exerciser

Keep your fingers strong and nimble by incorporating the hand exerciser into your workouts. Ideal for musicians, it increases and helps maintain strength and dexterity in your fingers in addition to providing a rigorous workout for the hands and forearms.

Hand Exerciser

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8. Hand Exerciser 2

Develop the bone crushing handshake you’ve always dreamed of by working out vigorously with this hand exerciser. The device straps on comfortably and allows you to adjust the tension so you can build up your strength.

Hand Exerciser 2

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9. Water Rowing Exercise Machine

Develop the chiseled body you’ve always dreamed of by training with the water rowing exercise machine. The solid ash and honey oak construction along with the water flywheel provide a grueling workout while replicating a real rowing feel.

Water Rowing Exercise Machine

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10. Exercise Storage Belt

Keep your personal belongings safe while working out by wearing the exercise storage belt. This fashionable and comfortable accessory is available in virtually any color you like and features a series of pockets to store your stuff in while getting your workout on.

Exercise Storage Belt

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11. Cardio Exercise Game App

With the cardio exercise game app you’ll be able to turn your grueling workout into a fun interactive game that’ll make the time go by in a snap. The handle bars of your stationary bike become controllers you use to guide your player through various obstacles.

Cardio Exercise Game App

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12. Nike Fuel Band

Help maintain a healthy lifestyle by tracking your daily activity using the Nike fuel band. This high tech gadget allows you to track calories burned and the number of steps you take so that you can monitor your progress in real time and achieve your goals more easily.

Exercise Storage Belt

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13. Grass Sandals

Keep yourself grounded to the earth by having your feet touching freshly cut grass at all times with these grass sandals. Made from durability high quality synthetic grass, these sandals will provide you with a unique shoe experience that will definitely be a conversation starter.


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14. Healthy Fried Food Cooker

Get your deep fried food fix without sacrificing your body’s long term vitality by using this healthy fried food cooker. This revolutionary cooking machine rapidly circulates hot air to create deep fried-like food with eighty percent less fat.


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