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20 Amazing Gifts For Your Best Friends On This Friendship Day

Marble MacBook Cover

August 1st, 2018   |   Updated on April 11th, 2020

Friendship Day is dedicated to express all your love and friendship to your beloved friends, and is celebrated on the first Sunday of August every year. This year 2018, it will be celebrated on 5th August.

So, how about celebrating this Friendship Day with each and every friend who made our life colourful?

We have put efforts to list out few awesome Friendship Day Gifts, and hope you love the products we recommend:

1. Programming Playing Cards

Programming Playing Cards

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Programming is a way of life that extends beyond the computer. I like to wear T-shirts with programming jokes.

I own several coffee mugs with programming designs, and of course, my laptop is covered in programming stickers.

I always wanted to create more programmer-themed products, simply because software development is amazing! This is my first attempt at making this vision a reality.


2. Super NES Controller Mugs

Super NES Controller Mugs

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Pay homage to one of the greatest gaming consoles ever built by having your morning coffee out of these Super NES controller mugs.

Each ceramic mug is styled to look exactly like the iconic grey controllers, making it perfect for you and your. Click here. 


3. Composition Book iPad Cover

Composition Book iPad Cover

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The Composition book for iPad mini has a protective rubberized cover and allows you to put your iPad mini to sleep or wake simply by closing or opening the case. This product is available here.


4. World’s Thinnest iPhone Charger Case

World’s Thinnest iPhone Charger Case

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Imagine power and protection. The lightest and thinnest battery charging case ever made for the iPhone.

Imagine having 200% battery life (extra 2600mAh) on your iPhone.

Charge your phone anytime, anywhere with the press of a button. It’s so light and thin, you won’t even notice it’s there. Compare to Trianium, Anker, Alpatronix, and Apple Battery Case. Check out here.


5. Marble MacBook Cover

Marble MacBook Cover

Image Source

Ready to add a touch of class to your laptop with a Faux-Marble MacBook Decal? Not only does it protect your tech from scratches, it also adds a layer of sophistication! The design is modeled after luxurious White-Gray Carrara Marble, the type used among builders of remarkable buildings in ancient Rome, and valued above all other stone by Michelangelo himself. It bears a striking resemblance to the real deal!

6. Military Grade MacBook Armor

Military Grade MacBook Armor

Image Source

Engineered to provide protection for an active mobile lifestyle, UAG brings you the first composite MacBook case that meets Mil-Spec 810G-516.6 drop test standards. Our patented Composite design fuses a hard outer shell with soft impact resistant bumpers engineered to protect your MacBook from drop and shock. The unique 1-piece design and soft rubberized bumpers & bottom skid pads provide 360-degree protection from scratches and abrasions. With oversized ports and a low profile design that slips in and out of your bag, access is always fast & easy. Available here.

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7. MSI Vortex Mini Gaming Tower

MSI Vortex Mini Gaming Tower

Image Source

Take your PC gaming to a whole new level with the MSI Vortex mini gaming tower. Standing at a mere 10.5 inches and weighing just 8.8 lbs, it’s powered by up to a 4.0GHz Intel Core i7-6700K, 64GB DDR4 RAM, and dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 graphics cards. Click here.


8. Smartphone Endoscope Tube

Smartphone Endoscope Tube

Image Source

Intraoral camera system ; underwater camera ; waterproof Micro-cameras; motor vehicle detector; sewer pipeline detector; search and rescue ; criminal and custom detector ; archaeological detect ; the PCB detection ; home care ; aviation and space industries ; care and tractors industries ; petroleum drilling industries ; constructions and so on. Check out this product.


9. Waterproof Roll Up Keyboard

Waterproof Roll Up Keyboard

Ultra slim and compact, this keyboard is perfect for travel, school, or any working environment. Quiet keystroke is a good match for library use. Convenient for taking along after rolled up. Easy for operation and storage. This multimedia flexible keyboard makes your web surfing a breeze. Unique design and production process provide amazing usage experience, keys are quiet, stable, soft, and responsive, can be used in silent environment without disturbing other people. Check out.

10. Blackberry PRIV Secure Smartphone

Blackberry PRIV Secure Smartphone

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BlackBerry Secure smartphone, powered by Android. PRIV combines everything you expect from BlackBerry, plus the full eco-system of Android and its apps. PRIV comes with added security to let you know when your data could be at risk, so you can take action to improve it. Click here.


11. Smart Outlet Plug

Smart Outlet Plug

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The only Smartplug that senses when you walk into a room and adapts the temperature and lights to your liking. Plug in your favorite lamps and appliances, and you get instant control from your iPhone. You can dim lights, set your space heater on a schedule, view your entire home’s energy use, and control your Nest Thermostat. With 3 or more Smartplugs, the Zuli Presence feature can accurately pin-point your location within the home. The Zuli app senses when you enter or exit a room and sets the lights and temperature — just the way you like them. No need to fumble for the lightswitch in the dark, no need to pull your phone out of your pocket every time. A smart home the way it should be — controlling your home has never been this beautiful. Available here.


12. Android & iOS Common Connector Cable

Android & iOS Common Connector Cable

Image Source

LMcable does not discriminate! LMcable is meant for everyone! No matter who you are or where do you from, whether you are an iPhone user or an Android user, as long as you are a mobile device user, LMcable is here for you! We want to make this familiar everyday action just a little simpler and easier for everyone. We want to make a durable and high-quality charging cable applicable for most mobile devices.


13. Anti-Fatigue Gaming Glasses

Anti-Fatigue Gaming Glasses

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The Gunnar Optiks PHA-00101 MLG Phantom Full Rim Advanced Video Gaming Glasses is an excellent “out-of-the-box” solution to improve your visual performance and reduce eye fatigue for those with 20/20 vision. Eyestrain, visual stress and dry eyes can be caused by extended periods of digital screen viewing. GUNNARs digital eyewear filters out the harsh, high-energy part of the spectrum and creates a more relaxed viewing experience to help your eyes focus more naturally.Get one here.


14. Pizza Slice Friendship Necklace

Pizza Slice Friendship Necklace

Image Source

23mm x 15mm gold plated pewter pizza slice, on sturdy 18” or 24” inch gold plated stainless steel chain, with lobster clasp closure. Each necklace comes in its own baggie, ready to give to your friends!


15. Friends Coloring Book

Friends Coloring Book

Image Source

This is a done all digital and put together by hand. This means the book will not be perfect and might have slight differences between each page. The coloring book dimensions are 5″x6.5″. Orders DO NOT come with tracking unless purchased during checkout. Because the order is so light, the cost is cheap to mail. But once you add tracking, it bumps the order to a parcel, costing much more. Please keep this in mind when ordering!


16. Realistic Best Friend Contract

Realistic Best Friend Contract

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Cement the special bond you share with your BFF by signing this realistic best friend contract with them. It comes filled with stipulations designed to ensure both of you remain by each other’s sides through thick and thin.


17. Beer Head Foam Making Mug

Beer Head Foam Making Mug

Image Source

If you enjoy a frothy crown of head on your beer, this beer head foam making mug will be your new best friend. With the click of a button, this fun beer mug will add a rich bubbly foam to crown your beer – the longer you hold the button down the more head you get. Check out this product.

18. USB Powered Vacuum Cleaner

USB Powered Vacuum Cleaner

Image Source

Use the brush & suction tube attachment for general cleaning of air vents (Fan), Moniter and computer areas, or dust on your desktop. Requireds NO external power source, plugs straight into any USB port. Color: Black High power button should NOT be pressed while the U-VAC motor is being switched on to keep voltage jump within USB limits(500 mA) during motor start up. Back to Top Accessories: One USB powered vacuum cleaner; a tube; a brush. Plug and clean, so convenient ! Product available here.


19. Solar Powered Anti-Theft Backpack

Solar Powered Anti-Theft Backpack

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Help keep your belongings safe when you’re on the go by storing them this solar powered anti-theft backpack. In addition to the integrated lockable zippers, the pack features various hidden compartments in addition to a handy solar charger and speaker.


20. Wi-Fi Enabled Robot Vacuum

Wi-Fi Enabled Robot Vacuum

Image Source

Still pushing a vacuum let Neato Wi-Fi enabled Robot do the vacuuming for you. With the Neato app on your smartphone, you can start, schedule, and monitor your cleaning from wherever you are. D-shape with cornerclever-exclusive D-Shape with CornerClever technology gets to where dirt hides-in corners and along walls. Get one here.