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5 Best Sports Fanatic Gift Ideas For Fitness Enthusiasts

Sports Gift Ideas

January 27th, 2020   |   Updated on April 21st, 2021

Sports are a way of life for Americans. Many parents are bringing their newborns home from the hospital in sports merchandise.

Of the top seven TV programs in 2019, six belonged to professional and college sports games. Nearly 99 million people tuned in to the Super Bowl, which was the most-watched TV program of the year.

Nearly 60 percent of Americans identify as a sports fan. For this reason, sports memorabilia and merchandise are popular gift ideas.

Read on to learn about the best gift ideas for a sports fan. Explore 5 sports fanatic gift ideas that are certain to be a hit.

1. Sports Jersey

Sports Jersey

The number one gift that you can get for any sports fan is a jersey. Sports fans love showing off their favorite team’s colors. What is great about a jersey is that there are so many options. Each year, new players bring excitement to the team.

For example, consider that you want to buy someone a Chicago Cubs jersey. There are over 20 players on the team, each with their own unique jersey. Even the biggest sports fanatics are unlikely to own the jersey of everyone on the team.

2. Wall Art

When sports fanatics have company over their house, they want visitors to know what team they root for. Naturally, wall art is the perfect gift for a sports fanatic.

They can hang team posters or plaques in their living room or man cave. Young sports fanatics hang life-size decals of their favorite player on the wall. Another popular wall decoration is tickets commemorating a championship.

3. Flags

all flags

Flags are a growing trend for sports fanatics. We already discussed how fanatics want to show off their team to visitors. How about people walking or driving by?

You can let a greater number of people know what team you root for by hanging a flag outside. There are also yard signs and banners to display in the yard.

4. Drinkware

Some sports fans want to bring their team with them no matter where they go. For this type of fan, drinkware serves as the perfect gift.

For starters, you can get them a travel coffee mug with their team’s logo on it. There are also beer mugs and glassware for home use.

5. Sports Memorabilia


The biggest sports fanatics spend a pretty penny to acquire sports memorabilia. They want to display equipment that was used by their favorite athletes in a real game.

For instance, football helmets are a popular decoration for a man cave. Another popular gift is footballs or baseballs signed by a favorite player. Sports memorabilia are a collector’s item and have both monetary and sentimental value.

A Recap of the Best Sports Fanatic Gift Ideas

For sports fanatics, a team-inspired gift can never go wrong. They can never have enough decorations or team merchandise.

Items such as wall art and drinkware are always a hit. If you enjoyed this article about the best sports fanatic gift ideas, check out our blog for more great content.