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7 Must Know Checklist For Successful Logo Design

Logo Design

Published on April 24th, 2019

One of the first tasks of a future entrepreneur is the choice of a name and a logo for his company. Often, this question precedes even the reflection on the strategy, the business plan or the financial projections. But it’s actually a way to be effective!

When it comes to creating a brand image, it is important to start by clearly defining the objectives, developing a corporate strategy and, above all, ensuring permanent control over the coherence of all the elements that make it up. Brand image is an asset of the company; it has a value, even if it is difficult to quantify.

Many components are used to create a corporate image, and each one must be carefully studied.

Logo Design

1. The Product Or Service

The product or service, by its form, its characteristics, its price, and its ingenuity is the first actor and often the principal agent creator of the company image. Many companies are born as a result of a product or service idea. This initial idea will often model the image that the public will retain the company.


2. Name And Visual Identity

The company shapes its brand image notably by the name and the visual identity without being a facade without a soul. It is clear that these things cannot be detached from any commercial interest.


3. Story And Experience

The image is also created basing on the company’s history, the vision, and values of the leaders, the know-how, the strengths and weaknesses of the company, the buying and selling experience, online or offline shopping, after-sales service, and employees.

Anyway, creating a logo is a complex job. Beyond the elegance and peculiarity of the design, it is above all to create and reveal a brand to make it memorable; it is about conveying the values of your company. Moreover, all this must be contained in one name, one logo.

There are many options to create a great brand – designers, graphics editors, online services and tools. Which one to choose depends only on your budget and time. One of the fastest ways is to use an online logo maker, for example, Logaster. Why? Because all design process will be only in your hands, and to create a strong logotype you don’t need to have special skills, just a little bit of imagination, wish and time.

All you need is to enter your company name, then choose one of the proposed logos and if you want to edit its color palette, text, layout, sizes of the elements, shapes etc. Plus, you can get a social media brand kit with your logo optimized for all popular social networks: Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube etc.


Nevertheless, What Are The Characteristics Of A Good Logo? We Bring You Some Answers.

Logo Design

1. Unique

It shows your company’s products or services and connects with your customers or potential clients. It reflects your identity, stands out from the logo of others and above all, it avoids confusion, especially with the competitors’ logo.


2. Speaks For Itself

Its meaning is clear and obvious. Your logo carries a message, that of your company. It embodies your values and visually translates your culture.


3. Simple

The sober design of a logo inspires confidence in users. The simpler your logo is, the more it stays in memory. Many examples come to mind: Apple, Nike, VW, CNN etc. Whatever the field of activity, world-renowned companies have chosen simple and easily recognizable logos around the world.


4. Memorable

It’s easy to remember, recognize, and associate with your business, even if no typography is associated with it. Notice that the perception of colors is immediate. It passes before the recognition of forms and the reading of a text.


5. Flexible

It is functional and available on your various communication media: stationery, website, email signature, social networks… It remains legible and understandable in all circumstances, even when displayed in small or black and white versions.


6. Limitless

It goes through the ages and lasts in time. A good logo does not respond to all trends and does not change at every turn. When it is well thought out, it requires, after several years of use, only a redesign, that is to say, a refreshing.


7. Balanced

The proportions of a logo are all the more important as the mind perceives a harmonious design as naturally pleasant and attractive. To achieve such harmony, your logo must bet on the balance between graphics, colors, icons, typography. The dimensions of your logo also matter: do not forget to test the legibility of your logo in different sizes.

The design of an effective logo is not improvised, it is a job that must be done by the professional who will take the time to listen to you and understand your activity, then translate it into a visual identity or by you that is much easier with new age technologies. On your side, you need to think ahead of your values, your goals, and your target.