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5 Escape Room Cheats To Beat The Game

Escape Room Cheat

March 23rd, 2019   |   Updated on March 25th, 2019

The escape room phenomenon is taking over the world. It’s a great way to get a group together for a unique night out. Enjoy themed rooms and dizzying puzzles, all within a time limit.

In most cases, groups don’t always make it out before the timer goes off. In fact, only 50 percent or less of people are successful in their escape. That’s why, if you’re planning an escape party, you’ll need escape room cheats.

Escape Room Cheats To Help You Win

Escape Room Cheat

To break out of your room in time, you need to be savvy. Take these escape room hacks with you and help your group succeed.

1. Lock And Key

Here’s the thing, most escape rooms don’t differ a lot from the others. Though, they may not always be identical.
This means that most escape rooms aren’t going to have new tricks up their sleeve when it comes to rules. One rule is that when you find the key for one lock, there’s no need to worry about that key again. You can put it aside and move on.

2. Efficient Puzzling

Escape rooms are well-known for their use of puzzles. Places like Breakout Escape Room have scores of riddles and word games meant to trip you up. One tip is to become familiar with riddles beforehand so you know the formula.

Another tip is that when start, don’t overlook clues. But, don’t get stuck on them either. Listen to your guide, and listen to your friends as you go because everyone is working together.

You can also learn how to think in puzzle terms by playing online games. They’re full of quick-acting riddles to condition your brain.

3. Spread Out

It’s tempting to want your hands in every puzzle to get the full experience. But if you’re hoping to win, you can’t do that.

As a group, make sure you’re fanning out and working on more than one puzzle at a time. This is where communication, and being vocal, is most helpful. Tell people what you find, and help out when you think you can.

4. Step Back

We’re rarely able to see the whole picture when we’re right on top of it. That’s why taking a step back and seeing the story from afar is helpful.

When you think about the escape room as plot points, you’ll solve it quicker. The reason is that it’s designed to carry you along to your next clue based on theme and storyline.

5. Keep It Simple

The number one tip for surviving and beating an escape room is to keep it simple. These puzzles and clues aren’t meant to keep you locked in forever.

So, don’t overthink the clues. And most of all, don’t ignore the obvious answer thinking it’s meant to distract you. It’s likely obvious to help you move along at a faster pace.

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Escape rooms are meant to get people to put away their phones and have fun together. So, don’t get hung up on memorizing escape room cheats. They’ll only distract you from enjoying the flow of the game and the people you’re with.

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