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How To Get Rid Of A Hickey At Home?

Rid Of A Hickey

Published on May 9th, 2019


Hickey is a red patch appeared on the face when someone kisses on your upper body area that covers face, cheek, neck, and shoulders. What is a hickey? It’s a love bite or kiss that leaves a red mark on the skin.

The circulation of blood is usually affected that causes bruise under the skin when love bite is done. The hickeys are common among youth as they love to bite their loved ones with aggression that surely leave red marks on the body. This is why they do efforts to hide hickeys.

Even some of the guys pull collar in a strange style just to hide hickeys appearing on the neck. This helps them to hide hickeys in an appropriate way!


How One Gets Hickey?


Hickey is a common thing that has to appear on the face when love bites work with full passion. It’s a feeling of warmth love that does the work when someone bites on the face. How one gets hickey?

When continuous kissing is done by lovers or body area that is sucked for a longer period of time causes hickey. By continuously doing hickey, the small blood capillaries are broken on the skin that causes it.

How long do hickeys last? It may take up to a week or probably 10 days to recover. Whenever blood capillaries are broken, it causes blood clots in the area where hickey is done passionately by young lovers.


Why Hickey Needs Coverage?

Hickey needs proper coverage because some young lovers feel shy when others see the red marks on their face just because the red marks look weird. This is why some young guys avoid others to see it, so they do proper arrangements to cover hickey and red marks.

How to get rid of hickies? Of course, they put on the collars, mufflers and wear jackets so that others may not see the red marks.

However, some youngsters don’t feel shy and they face public with full confidence as they love to walk around with hickey and red marks. They don’t mind showing it to others. Interestingly, the majority of the guys are concerned and very few are confident.


How Long Do Hickeys Last?


It’s an important question that many youngsters search for its answer. How long do hickeys last? It lasts for up to two weeks or some guys recover in 10 days, depending on the immunity and body internal system that helps to recover.

How to get rid of hickies is a more important question that finding the answer for its lasting? If you want to know that what is a hickey and how to hide a hickey, then better search 100homeremedies to find a wide range of home remedies for hickey at one platform.

A number of home remedies available on the website that can help all concerned youngsters who want to get rid of hickey. What are you waiting for? Here we go with some home remedies for hickey!


How to Get Rid of Hickey?

Getting rid of a hickey is the most discussed topic among youngsters. No doubt it takes up to 15 days to recover from a hickey, but still, youngsters look for some genuine treatments and remedies.

How to get rid of a hickey fast is a major concern of youngsters? Many youngsters prefer to visit a doctor when they don’t find any suitable option.

But following up home remedies are a safe choice. Here are some best and genuine home remedies for a hickey. Let’s take a look at the remedies!


1. Cold Spoon

Cold Spoon

The cold spoon is one of the leading home remedies available for reducing hickey. Why you need a cold spoon? Take a spoon and place it in your refrigerator for almost half an hour.

After 30 minutes pass, just apply the cold spoon on an affected area. Just stick the spoon on the affected area for almost 5 minutes.  The spoon will definitely work! It prevents blood from merging into the surrounding tissues and reduce inflammation.

Also, it works like a cold compress and known as one of the best home remedies for hickey. Would you like to apply a cold spoon on your marks?


2. Toothbrush

Other than using a cold spoon for reducing hickey, some lovers also use a toothbrush to get rid of a hickey. How to remove a hickey using a toothbrush? Just take a brush and start brushing on the affected areas for some time so that blood clots could not spread on surrounding areas.

Use the brush for over 5 minutes and repeat the process twice a day. Using a brush is a very effective home remedy, as it removes blood clots easily and also improves blood circulation.

As per the opinion of experts, the use of brush can never form hickey on the body if used at an earlier stage, right after the hickey is formed.

3. Eraser

The use of eraser is quite strange for those who never heard it, but it really works to reduce hickey permanently. How does eraser work? Just take a piece of a pencil eraser and place it on the hickey. Apply little pressure on the neck from each side. Remember, don’t scrub.

This remedy is very effective for removing the red marks and also this remedy is one of the common remedies tested and experienced by millions of people from across the world. Just repeat the process two or three times a day, you’ll definitely reduce hickey. How to hide a hickey?

Eraser is the best option as it promotes blood circulation. Interestingly, it also removes blood clots and that’s the target of using this remedy. In fact, this eraser remedy is found to be a better remedy than other home remedies.


4. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

If you ever visit, you’ll come across so many handy remedies to finish hickey. Aloe Vera is one of the best home remedies available on planet earth to remove a hickey.

Aloe Vera has the tendency to fight against bacterial infections and that’s the reason it is used as the leading home remedy for treating various skin issues. To get rid of a hickey, just extract some fresh Aloe gel from the leaf.

Mash the gel with a teaspoon and apply it on the affected area where hickey is prominent. Don’t wash the affected area too quickly, just rinse it slowly right after 10 minutes. Why Aloe Vera gel works? It works because Aloe Vera has got healing properties that quickly works out.

5. Warm Compress

Warm compress is another effective remedy that works great for removing a hickey. How to use a warm compress remedy? Just apply a warm compress to hickey and all affected areas for up to 10 minutes.

Remove the warm compress right after 10 minutes, repeat the process twice or thrice a day. Warm compress also has got healing properties and it helps in blood circulation once the blood clots are successfully removed.

How to get rid of a hickey fast? Start using warm compress remedy! It will surely remove a hickey in just a couple of days.


6. Vitamins

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Vitamins are also used for reducing hickeys. Many skin specialists and doctors recommend Vitamins K and C when hickeys appear on the body.

Vitamins are very effective for recovery especially Vitamin K helps in immediate healing while Vitamin C boosts up collagen production in the body. However, both vitamins are good for healing.


7. Massage

How to get rid of a hickey fast? Just undergo massage techniques whenever your hickeys get dark and reddish. Just don’t wait for anything, immediately consult a massage therapist to get rid of redness.

Massage techniques heal faster than other remedies, this is why youngsters go for massaging to get rid of hickeys faster. It improves blood circulation and reduces blood clots.


8. Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter is another effective remedy that helps to reduce hickey. Just take some cocoa butter on your fingers and apply on the area where hickey is prominent.

Keep doing massage for over 10 minutes softly on the affected area. Just do it twice a day to get quick results. How cocoa butter works?

It works faster than other remedies just because it carries healing properties and fully protective to use. For quick recovery of hickeys, people love to use cocoa butter just because of its safety aspects.


9. Eucalyptus Oil

 Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil is another special homemade remedy used for treating hickeys. Among various home remedies for hickey, eucalyptus oil serves great. Just get one teaspoon of olive oil and 2 drops of eucalyptus oil. Mix it up well and gently on the affected areas where hickeys are prominent.

Just leave the process for some minutes and rinse the affected area after 10 minutes. The oil formula really works for reducing hickeys. Why does it work?

Because it carries good healing properties and one can easily get rid of hickeys. If you have some doubts, then you can do research on to clear your doubts.