8 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Massage Session

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March 28th, 2018   |   Updated on March 29th, 2018

Massage therapy is a relaxation technique designed to alleviate pain as well as connect your mind, body, and spirit. Not only is it an enjoyable experience whether you are massaged weekly or a few times a year, it’s also exceptionally beneficial to your mind and body in more ways than one.

Unfortunately, your massage session is not always utilized to the full extent, and this prevents you from getting the most out of the situation. To take full advantage of the amazing benefits massage therapy has to offer, you should take note of the many ways you can get the most out of each session.


1. Refrain from Eating Prior to Your Massage

If you eat before your massage, it can make the entire process uncomfortable. A large meal not only has the power to make you feel sluggish and heavy, it can also cause you to have gas during your massage. This is not only uncomfortable, it can be quite embarrassing. If you’re focused on how you feel because of your meal or how you can keep flatulence at bay, you are not taking full advantage of the relaxation techniques massage is designed to offer.


2. Use the Sauna First

A steam room or a sauna is good for your massage. If you take advantage of a few moments in this room prior to your massage, you have the ability to spend some of your time loosening your muscles. If the point of your massage session is to loosen tight muscles, this only helps with that. It makes it more productive, more comfortable, and far more enjoyable when you loosen up first with a relaxing steam.

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3. Be Early

One of the biggest mistakes people make prior to a massage session is rushing. Write down your appointment time for 15 minutes earlier than the scheduled time so you have a chance to relax, unwind, and not rush. Rushing, while it can be productive in some instances, is not conducive to a successful massage. It only makes you feel overwhelmed, stressed, and it causes more tension in your body. Adding tension prior to a massage makes it less likely you will benefit from what the massage has to offer as fully as you would if you were not stressed prior to arriving.


4. Speak Up

The misconception about massage sessions is you are required to stay silent. You are not. What you do in the massage room is up to you. If you want to use your massage as a time to discuss your personal issues with your mother-in-law, you may do that if it helps you feel better and more relaxed. If you want to use it to spend time being quiet and thoughtful, you may do that. However, you should never stay silent if something hurts, if it’s not working, or you’re not enjoying your massage.

Does the method your therapist uses hurt your back? Tell him about it and ask him if there is another way he can massage you so it’s pleasurable rather than painful. If you don’t feel you’re getting the kind of deep tissue massage you want, ask for more pressure. If you aren’t getting as much attention on the areas that bother you the most, speak up. You are paying for a massage, and it should be precisely what you want it to be.


5. Practice Deep Breathing

Meditation is a beautiful thing, but not everyone practices meditation. You might not want to bother with it if you’re not into it, but practicing deep breathing is helpful during a massage. When you breathe deeply, you slow your mind and calm your body. Your body becomes more relaxed, and you can really enjoy your massage.


The best way to practice deep breathing if you are not sure how is to count. Inhale while counting to six, hold your breath for a count of two, and exhale as long as you can. You’re not required to hold your breath at all, and you can count as low or high as you want while you practice deep breathing. The more you practice, the clearer you are able to get your mind. This allows you to focus on the moment and the enjoyment of the massage therapy.


6. Drink Plenty of Water

The one thing you must do when you are finished with your massage each and every time is hydrate. Massages work to remove the toxins from your body at a rapid pace, and drinking water helps rehydrate your muscles as it does this work. Bring water with you, and drink plenty of it following your massage and for the rest of the day. It’s important you adequately hydrate each day, but it’s never more important than it is following your massage.


7. Go Back for More

If you’re looking to get the most out of your time on the massage table, schedule regular massages. You needn’t go every week, but once or twice a month is a good option for most people. This allows you the chance to benefit from massage the most. Your body is able to relax and unwind, the masseuse is able to get your body feeling better, and you aren’t leaving so much time between appointments your muscles are able to tense up so badly again.

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8. Go With Your Gut

If you don’t like your massage therapist or if it’s not working for you no matter how many times you ask for a different method or treatment, do not go back. Find a new massage therapy location. You will never get the most out of a massage if you aren’t comfortable or enjoying yourself. Go with your gut and find a location you love. If you can’t find it where you are, look elsewhere or get a massage chair for yourself and reap the benefits of really enjoying yourself. You can read massage chair reviews and comparison online to choose a suitable chair for yourself.

Massage therapy is among one of the most underutilized forms of therapy in the world. You can relieve stress, leave in a better mood, beat anxiety, and focus on how you can benefit yourself when you take advantage of massage therapy. Now is the time to get your body in working order so you can enjoy your life, but it only works if you use these tips to really focus.