6 Things To Try For A Good Night’s Sleep When You Are Restless

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September 25th, 2018   |   Updated on March 5th, 2020

An uninterrupted sleep of 8 hours is what we all need to wake up fresh. It gives you the energy to carry out the next day as you wish to.

However, a lot of people suffer from chronic restlessness and sleepless nights. This tampers with a person’s overall health along with the professional and personal life.

To avoid that, here are some of the things you can try to minimize the restlessness and get a good night’s sleep.

1. Block The Blue Light


Blue light is very effective in inhibiting melatonin – a hormone that helps you sleep better. Being exposed to the blue light, which is what all our electronics at home produce, disrupts your sleep cycle.

This melatonin inhibition might gradually result in insomnia and is also responsible for causing obesity, cancer, stress, anxiety, and depression.

Therefore, cut the blue light out and turn your mobile/laptop off at least an hour before your bedtime.


2. CBD Oil


Cannabidiol works miracles in curing any kind of sleep issues. It is different from the THC, that gives the ‘high’ or the ‘baked’ effect.

CBD has many medicinal properties and people use it for curing insomnia, anxiety, depression, and Parkinson’s disease. CBD acts as a relaxant and it helps you sleep better at night.

It improves your sleep cycle and cures any sleep abnormalities you might have, along with strengthening the sleep-wake cycles.


3. Melatonin supplements


Melatonin is the hormone that is responsible for your sleep-wake cycles. The hormone levels rise and fall during the course of the day.

Melatonin levels keep increasing after the daylight fades and they build up within a few hours, causing the natural drowsiness to sleep.

However, due to the lifestyle, food, and irregular schedules, melatonin levels may fluctuate, resulting in disrupted sleep schedules and insomnia.

Taking a regular supplement of melatonin for a while may help you get you back to a balanced sleep.


4. Chamomile Tea


Chamomile tea is filled with an antioxidant called as apigenin, which helps in reducing stress and anxiety. Which is why they’re a famous remedy for treating insomnia, restlessness, and inflammation.

Due to its mild tranquilizer properties, it relaxes the body and induces sleep. So, make a habit of drinking it before you go to bed.


5. White Noise

ceiling fans

White noise is something which is a combination of lights of multiple frequencies and wavelengths. Due to this, they can mask other sounds too.

And these white noises make you sleep better by covering whatever sounds that may interrupt your sleep. A few examples of white noise is the sound of rain, ceiling fans and such.

Studies have shown that white noises help you sleep better and longer.


6. Eat Sleep-Inducing Food

Eat Sleep

There are certain foods that can help you sleep well. Tuna, salmon, almonds, honey, cottage cheese are a few of them that have proven to be very effective.

Foods that are filled with vitamin B6, tryptophan, potassium, and magnesium help with the production of melatonin and helps you get the sleep cycle in control.

If there are persistent sleep issues, you should probably head to the doctor. There could be serious underlying issues that need to be addressed immediately.

A nutritious diet, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle can improve the condition of the issue pretty well. You can also try therapy and medication for chronic sleep problems.

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