A New Car At Half The Price – ZAP Makes It Happen

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June 5th, 2018   |   Updated on June 15th, 2018

The smell of new leather and the purr of a brand new engine, the fresh air of an impromptu weekend trip or the first impression you make on an evening date – these are but some of the images that whirl in our head as we dream of owning our own car.

However, such dreams get interrupted with financial realities as scraping together a down payment is one thing and dealing with EMIs is another battle altogether. But now with a plan like Zoomcar Associate Program or ZAP, you can tick ‘buy new car’ off the list of life goals.

Many people with limited budgets end up compromising on what they want, and they choose the ‘buy second hand car’ option. Low resale value and high maintenance costs are just some of the big disadvantages.

Zoomcar’s ZAP initiative is really simple – it is based on shared ownership principles. As a ZAPster, you can list your brand new car with Zoomcar when you are not using it and earn extra income.

Many participants of this program earn thousands of rupees every month, taking care of their EMIs and much more. With the ZAP program, you can literally get a new car at the price of a pre-owned one.

Zoomcar will help you purchase a new car too if you haven’t made the final decision yet. The company has a great relationship with all of India’s top car manufacturers so you can get a good deal on the latest car models. You will also have access to a wide network of finance providers.

Low Maintenance Costs with Cadabra

There are a couple of prerequisites that you have to satisfy before listing your car on the Zoomcar platform. The car needs to be registered as a commercial vehicle under Zoomcar, so you have no liabilities when it is being rented out.

You can rest assured at home while your car is on the road bringing you the extra income. The other important requirement is the installation of Cadabra, a smart tool that monitors car health and sends you alerts on your smartphone. Cadabra will help you save thousands of rupees with timely preventive maintenance.

List Your Car, Enjoy Your Extra Income

A car’s value is always depreciating, but you are paying EMIs on the premium amount. Therefore instead of watching it gather dust in the parking lot when you are not using it, employ it on Zoomcar’s platform and earn precious extra money.

All you need to do is use the app to signal its availability – you do not need to interact with any Zoomcar customer. Billing is very transparent and quick, so you will have full clarity on what you are being paid for. There will be no uncertain moments as you can track your car at all times. It will be GPS enabled.

With such benefits, many informed new car owners are taking full advantage of ZAP. The freedom of a car owner is now yours, and you can enjoy these privileges without compromising on your spending.