27 Awesome Gifts You Must Check Out

Affordable Awesome Gifts

Published on June 30th, 2017

We hope you love the products we recommend. Amazon has a section featuring products that people put on their wish lists and purchase most often. Here are some of the coolest and most useful products from Amazon :

1. Rechargeable Bug Vacuum

Interesting Review :  My nephew loves this toy! What a funny learning tool to entice him away from the iPad and enter into the great outdoors. It does suck the bugs, spiders, although not as well as I expected. Keep in mind, though: this is weak suction; otherwise, it would hurt the insects, it’s important not to hurt the tiny creatures. A unique and interesting educational bug vacuum toy. $14.00 Visit here. 


2. Wine Bottle Glass Attachment

Interesting Reviews By Customer : Bought this as a gift , deliveries on time , and works as described , will keep this in our gift basket for the wine drinkers on our gift list. $21.99 Available here.


3. Hyper Fast Iced Coffee Maker

Interesting Review : This product is absolutely remarkable… The fact that it makes the piping hot coffee so cold in sixty seconds, without watering it down is amazing… However I was just as impressed with its easy setup, and easy clean up… I would recommend it to anyone as a gift, and since it melts some of the ice while cooling the coffee, I would purchase two for an additional cup while your first hyperchiller refreezes… $29.99 Click here.


4. Massaging Handheld Shower Head

Interesting Review : Great product at a great price! Works as well as much more expensive products. When I first installed this, I was underwhelmed with the intensity of the water coming out. I did some research and removed the flow control between the pipe on the wall and the shower head. Now the water comes out very strong from both heads. Wonderful! $24.99 Visit here. 


5. Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Interesting Review : This is a unique, inexpensive, and low calorie way to have fruit flavored water. I like the flip-up top. So far I’ve tried a slice of lemon and goji berries and a slice of orange and goji berries both with a mint leaf. They both have lasted a couple of days and I keep adding water as I empty the water bottle and wash well in soap and water when I change the fruit. I use filtered water from the refrigerator and store the water bottle in the refrigerator between uses. I find myself drinking more water and less cola. $14.95 Buy now. 


6. Acrylic Makeup Organzier

Interesting Review : This organizer is fantastic! It is very durable and provides a ton of storage space. My vanity was a disaster and I barely knew what I had. In an hour I cleaned out all of my make up, lotions and nail polish and organized what I wanted to keep. It looks great and my vanity isn’t a mess. I love that the draws are clear so I can see everything so I don’t have to hunt anything down. I can’t say enough about this product other than I wish I found it sooner! $39.99  Click here. 


7. Harm-Free Spider Catcher

Interesting Review : Love, love, love this!!! I am terrified of stink bugs and spiders and although I still cringe while catching them this keeps it far enough away from me so that I can take care of the little critters without crying. Once the winter season is over this is permanently out of the closet. I just bought a second one for my niece. But now.


8. Fuck Off Sleeping Mask

Interesting Review : It’s so silky and soft, and it covers my eyes perfectly. I could take naps during the day with this, if I wanted to. The strap in the back is adjustable, but NOT Velcro. Thankfully. Because who in their right mind wants Velcro on a sleep mask?! Basically, just buy this mask. It’s perfect. $10.99 Get one here.


9. This handheld milk frother that turns regular milk for coffee into le fancy puffy milk for cappuccinos and lattes.


Interesting Review : This works great! It’s lightweight and gets the job done quickly. I purchased this because I was trying to find a healthy alternative to sugary creamers in coffee. I brought my frother to work and use almond milk, but I’m pretty sure it works with any kind of milk. You do want milk with some fat, as skim milk won’t taste as creamy, even with the frother. $9.99 Click here.


10. Smartphone Thermal Imaging Camera

Interesting Review : The best thermal camera you can own for personal use. I own a FLIR one as well. The images from FLIR one just left me desiring more in terms of thermal resolution and sensitivity. Thank god I stumbled upon this camera. It is a pricey device, but it is extremely well made and specs are ridiculously good for the price. The outer shells looks like it is machined out of one piece of aluminum, and it seems very robust. Overall, an impressive product. Cheers! $1,077.22 Check out here.


11. 3D Video Glasses


Interesting Review : Too expensive, bought it from epison $1,041.00  Visit here.


12. Ambient Backlight Display System


Interesting Review : Awesome after a few min of fiddling you will have an awesome showpiece. I rarely use this for anything but movies and moonlighting none the less I am seriously impressed. $93.00 Check it out!


13. Windshield Video Recorder

Interesting Review : Good funcionality. Decent app. Only recommend to drop the bright silver ring around the lense and gray color. With that it be a way better stealthy dashcam I would have to worry about attracting attention. $154.99 Click the Product


14. Smartphone Instant Film Printer

Interesting Review : What can I say other than I LOVE this product. On occasion the colors don’t match up the digital version but I’m still pleased. $159.99 Click here.


15. Sony Android Smart Watch

Interesting Reviews By Customer : Purchased form AWD – the price was perfect and the quality was as described like new. Really happy! $99.99 Click here.


16. Doorbell Camera App

Interesting Reviews By Customer : Very good product. Didn’t know this was the pre-cursor to the “Ring” doorbell and is the same company. Order the Ring instead as it has advanced technology. $138.98  Check out here.


17. iPhone Movie Projector

Interesting Reviews By Customer : I got this on sale from Amazon right before Christmas for $99. I’ve been using since then with no problems – I recently purchased the Cinemin Swap online so that I can display my pc on the screen – works great – I played a dvd from the pc through the swap out of the Swivel. This projector puts up a nice screen and I like that you can just put the projector in its case and in pocket and take it anywhere. Focus wheel worked fine for me. I also bought a suction cup phone mount for this so it would stay in place when playing movies. $99.99 Check out.


18. iPhone Landline Dock

Interesting Reviews By Customer : By far the best desk phone for the iPhone. Neat, clean, works exactly as if I had a traditional hands free desk/office phone. Has nice weight to it so you don’t drag it across your desk when you use the handset. Expensive, but worth every penny.  Check it out!


19. Remote Control Spy Tank

Interesting Reviews By Customer : This is a great piece of tech for the price. Video. Two-way audio. True night-vision. The video is a little laggy, so it is tricky navigate from another room – but possible – my son can do it. You can drive it up to someone and carry on a conversation. Note: The audio only works when the Rover is stopped. The App downloaded, installed, and connected super-easily. The programmed routes work OK. Because of floor imperfections and other factors, the Rover may not follow the exact same path every time. So if you are close to a wall, you might end up hitting it on the next go around. Lots of fun. Lots of things to experiment with. $79.99 Click the Product


20. A Reliable Microphone That Plugs Into Your USB Port


Interesting Reviews By Customer : Very-very good desktop mic. Other reviewers already elaborated on the sound quality – so I’ll spare no words on this area besides quickly reinforcing those positive comments. One thing no one else mentioned before: the Widget B doubles as a headphone stand:) It may sound silly, but when you have a par of good quality over-ears cans it sure comes as a welcome surprise that your desk suddenly has one less space consuming gadget. $94.00 Visit here.


21. Shave All Your Favorite Sweaters


Interesting Reviews By Customer: This thing is amazing! I didn’t think it would really work on my DKNY ruffled comforter. It performed so much better than expected. It saved my comforter. The piling was so bad I thought I was going to have to throw it away. It looked horrible. This thing got rid of every piece of lint. Of course, it took awhile to do the entire comforter, but it was so worth it. $14.99 Click here.


22. Keep Ombre Alive


Interesting Reviews By Customer : Fits perfectly and it’s so cute. I kind of have to get used to typing on it, but it’s not a problem. It’s definitely worth the $.99 plus the shipping. I want to buy more of them now! $6.99  Check out here.


23. Adorable Ice Tray For Dachshund Lovers


Interesting Reviews By Customer: I bought this to use to make crayons for my little girls Birthday Party. Worked great, other than I can’t seem to get the crayons out without breaking off the back leg. I’m sure for Ice it would work just fine! $11.95 Buy this product.


24. Lamp That Turns Any Color Imaginable


Interesting Reviews By Customer : This is my second mood light. My first one (different manufacturer) was a bit brighter but the remote sucked The Philips is very nice looking even off. Remote is fantastic because it works all the time (lol) You won’t be disappointed purchasing this. $67.90 Check out this.


25. Vulgar Display Of Motivation


Product Review : Love this mug!! It’s cute and funny. And it’s also well-made. The cap fits well and is made out of thick silicone. The ceramic portion is nice and thick with a brilliant white glaze and a high quality decal (for the writing) with a metallic finish on some of the letters. I also love the packaging–it’s very giftable. The box is fun to open and feels very expensive.  Visit here.


26. The Selfie-Craze Isn’t Over


Product Review : Amazing, sturdy tools. I struggled with my previous one bending when I pushed against my skin. That has not been an issue for these. My only suggestion is for the needle end to not grow so much in diameter. It becomes an issue when I have a deeper pimple, but I don’t want to make a hole that big in my face. $6.49  Click here.


27. Remove Those Pesky Blackheads


Product Review : Affordable Awesome Gifts : Amazon has a section featuring products that people put on their wish lists. Here are some of the coolest and most useful products from Amazon Check out here.