6 Affordable Gift Ideas That Are Sure To Wow Her On Her Birthday

Affordable Gift Ideas

March 19th, 2018   |   Updated on April 27th, 2024

Whether it’s her 18th or her 50th birthday, she will always expect something from you. It doesn’t matter the state of the economy. It doesn’t matter whether we are going through a recession, it’s your duty, it’s a mandate to take care of your significant other. Isn’t it why they say for better and for worse?

Depending on her age, although they all claim to be sweet 16, you want to find something that complements her personality and relevant. By relevant I mean something that will bring that wow effect with a natural glow on her face. It could be tickets to her dream vacation destination, a brand-new car she’s been fancying, a stylish necklace, the iPhone X or a simple wristband.

18th or her 50th birthday

Getting your bae a gift that will wow her mostly depends on how much you understand her interests. However, some universal gift ideas could still bring the effect without breaking your bank. Remember, expensive doesn’t always equal style. Here are six affordable gift ideas that you might want to consider for her next birthday.

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1. Chocolate cravings crate

Chocolate cravings crate

You can never go wrong with chocolate no matter her age, social class, religious affiliation or her cultural background. Very few women would turn down the offer of a full crate of chocolate even if she came straight from the dentist. Just the mere thought of the variety of flavors that will hit her taste buds bring so much joy and satisfaction. It gives her even much joy knowing that you care for her and her taste buds.


2. Baby elephant ring holder

Baby elephant ring holder

A baby elephant is just cute enough to be on her dressing table or bedside drawer. Finding a stylish silver one with her name engraved on it where she can store her wedding ring and jewelry, takes it a notch higher. If it’s going to wow her, you are fortunate because she’ll be seeing it every day of her life.


3. Reasons I love you stones

Reasons I love you stones

How about reminding her the reasons that make her special to you? There are many ways to do it but getting it engraved on brushed nickel stones is definitely better. Unlike having the words written on silverware or home appliances such as cups where they might fade away with time, have the words engraved on stones and stored carefully inside a faux- suede bag.

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4. Custom photo throw

Custom photo throw

If her favorite pastime involves a bottle of wine, popcorn, ice cream and a remote, finding her a cozy throw is a great idea and if it has her favorite photo on it the better. For better presentation, make sure it’s scented with one of her favorite scents.


5. Embellished purse mirror

Embellished purse mirror

You know you want her looking good always so why not make it known to her by finding her a stylish purse mirror? You can have it custom made to include her favorite metal finishing and a few sweet words. If she likes it, you can be sure that she’ll have it in her purse everywhere she goes.


6. Milestone necklace

Milestone necklace

Just like chocolate, stylish jewelry is really difficult to turn down. Rather than finding her a generic pendant or one with her name, how about finding one that represents her most important milestones in life? It will show that you care about her life and interests and are keen on helping her achieve more.

Branded gifts are always the best because they can allow you to personalize the message you want delivered down to the last letter. A wine glass, a garden apron, and wallpaper are also other areas that you could explore to show her that you care about her interests.