5 Amazing Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Amazing Baby Shower Gift Ideas

November 20th, 2018   |   Updated on March 6th, 2019

Just as people hear that you have a little baby growing in your tummy, immediately they want to touch it, find out about the sex and how you are going to name it.

If that is not already overwhelming, as months come and go and the belly starts to get bigger and bigger, it is time for them to start thinking about baby shower gifts.

The future parents might have bought all the essentials, but a baby shower gift should be something special and one-of-a-kind.

Whether you are planning to get a gift for your relative, best friend or colleague, it can be tiring to roam around the city in search of a perfect present. Here are a few dazzling gift ideas that every mommy (and baby) would absolutely adore.

1. The Fun Activity Mat

Amazing Baby Shower Gift Ideas

You will never be able to exactly pick the present which the baby would instantly start using. In the first weeks, it will only sleep and eat. As the baby gets older, it is more aware of the shadows, figures, and moves. For that reason, getting an activity mat would force the baby to move even more.

It is fantastic for play, tummy and exercises and, above all, for movement. AS baby lies on a colorful and soft pillow, it tries to grab the detached soft toys while listening to battery-operated musical rattle.

Baby can find a lot of toys and tricks attached to make him occupied. And the best thing about the playing mat is that you can pack it and take it anywhere with you.


2. Baby’s First-year Journal

Amazing Baby Shower Gift Ideas

This is one of the most creative gifts that you can give to a baby and mommy-to-be. It is cute and vivid memory book where parents note down all the details that follow the birth of their child all through the baby’s first birthday.

They also record baby’s fun moments, the weight on the birth, first smile, first walk the first word and so on. Even the cousins, grandparents and aunts can document baby’s amazing adventures when they visit him.

This specific yearbook is a great shower present because it also serves as a photo album. As you record the baby’s memories, you can follow them up with pictures.


3. Newborn Photography Session


We live in the booming technology era, and since everything around us is digitalized, opt for something completely different for a baby shower gift – a totally unique photography session.

Photographs last forever, they reminiscence old times and memories, and above all, they tell stories. If you wish to give this splendid and genuine present then you should better find a professional such as Bumps to Babies Photography in order to get the ultimate service.

You need to be assured that professionals will do the job meticulously. They need to settle the baby correctly, put accessories nicely, wait the right moment to capture the baby’s cuteness and be patient.


4. Swing Swing


Nothing can calm the baby as the warmth of a mother’s arms can. However, that can be extremely tiring and if the little ones get used to being held, it could lead to bigger problems.

That is why a swing cradle is another great baby shower gift. Cradle swings not only calms the baby and keeps it soothe and relaxed, but it keeps it entertaining.

There are soft toys all around so the baby could touch it and play. Swings have over 6 swinging speeds and accompanying music, when combined both entertain and calm the baby. This gift can be used up to 18 months, so mommies can later use it to feed the baby as it slowly swings.


5. Gift Basket

Amazing Baby Shower Gift Ideas

If you wish to get something utterly useful, then get the classical baby shower gift basket. It comes in a variety of products and utilities that new parents would need.

Baby arrival sets include baby-wipes, diapers, sanitizing spray, healing balm, face and body lotion, soap and shampoo. What is more, you can add 2 baby burpy bibs and breathable cotton swaddles because that will be necessary when the baby arrives.

Welcoming the new family member is a special moment. For that reason, you should get the gift which will symbolize that fantastic event.


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