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Top 20 Amazing Electric Scooters for Your Brats and Cuties

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March 27th, 2017   |   Updated on February 27th, 2024

If we share the same sentiments, you will have to agree that getting the freedom to explore the world is one of the best feelings. By buying your child the best electric scooter, you simply give them the freedom to explore the neighborhood and eventually when they grow up they will thank you for the chance you gave them to explore the world.

The child’s experiences determine the quality of their childhood. My plea is one as decide to spice up your child’s childhood remember to choose the best of the electric scooters. Below is a list of the top 20 best electric scooters for your brats and your cuties.

Top 20 Best Electric Scooters For Your Brats And Cuties

This is an extensive review of the best electric scooters for your brats and cuties. I guarantee you user satisfaction, and you will be able to tell by the smiles on your kid’s face.

1. Razor E300 (From 12+ Years Old)

Have you had to leave a product just because it does not come with the color scheme that you like? Well, the Razor E300 (From 12+ Years Old) comes in multiple colors. With a maximum weight capacity of 220 lbs, you are sure that it will grow with your kids. At 15 MPH the battery last approximately 40 minutes. The materials are sturdy and safe for your kid. A 90 days satisfaction warranty accompanies the scooter.

2. Swagtron T1 (From 10+ Years Old)

We have heard of electric scooters that burst into flames and make us shy from electric scooters. The Swagtron T1 (From 10+ Years Old) is UL2272 certified, and it does not expose your kid to such grave danger.
It runs at 8 MPH, and you will be in a position to keep track of your battery life with the included indicator. It has a 220 lbs maximum weight capacity and comes in a range of six colors; white, black, blue, pink, red, and gold.


3. Segway MiniPro (From 16+ Years Old)

The Segway MiniPro (From 16+ Years Old) also comes in multiple colors. It uses pneumatic tires that are in a position to maneuver over different services. The maximum speed is 10MPH and runs for up to 14 miles, doing the math that will be about 80 minutes of run time. You can control it through an app and also it has an anti- theft system. The dual motor engine delivers incredible power. The knee bar makes for easier steering.


4. Razor E100 (From 8+ Years Old)

When sturdiness is of concern the Razor E100 (From 8+ Years Old) is of sturdy materials that give for excellent strength. The design makes for easy and straight forward use. At 10 MPH it makes for a safe riding speed.
When the time to transport comes, you can easily separate the handle bar. The available colors are red, sweet pink, red, and blue. 90 days limited warranty safeguards your interests.

5. Razor E200 (From 13+ Years Old)

Razor E200 (From 13+ Years Old) as you can see is suitable for 13+ years old. It is an economic option and runs at a maximum speed of 12 MPH. The 12 MPH is also thrilling in some way and makes it a good choice for commuting small distances. From the rating, you can tell that it is an excellent electric scooter. The only downside is that it comes in only one color.


6. Razor Pocket Mod (From 13+ Years Old)

The beautiful design would make for a high-end electric scooter, and despite that this model is affordable. Being in the market for ten years and still getting positive reviews it is without a doubt an incredible scooter.
It runs in technical all the terrains. On top of the 90 days limited warranty, it has a quiet running motor. Has a weight capacity of 170 lbs and comes in three beautiful colors.

7. Pulse Perf GRT-11 (From 8+ Years Old)

Talk of versatility and the Pulse Perf GRT-11 (From 8+ Years Old) rings my mind. After purchase putting together is a breeze. The battery lasts for approximately an hour, and it has the option for use as a kick scooter once the battery runs out. A flat tire is a big disappointment for kids. The Pulse Perf GRT-11 (From 8+ Years Old) has urethane tires hence eliminating the possibilities of a flat tire. Sturdy materials make this electric scooter.


8. Razor Power Core E90 (From 8+ Years Old)

Razor Power Core E90

It is an entry level product, but statistics never lie. Unless anything has changed, which is very unlikely reviewers make this electric scooter a five-star product. So far it maintains a five-star rating. The battery gets a full charge in two hours. Some scooter design fault in a frequently falling chain, the Razor Power Core E90 (From 8+ Years Old) has no chain nor tensioners hence it is low maintenance. The battery last for whopping 80 minutes.


9. Razor E150 (From +8 Years Old)

Razor E150 (From +8 Years Old) makes for a safe and fun design. The frame is from durable, sturdy materials. Another safety feature is the 10 MPH speed which ensures that your kid rides at a reasonable speed.
It has all the amazing features such as the urethane tires, a ninety days warranty, and a quiet running, motor. The battery last for approximately 40 minutes that varies depending on the terrain.

10. Razor RX200 Off-Road (From +13 Years Old)

As the name suggests, the Razor RX200 Off-Road (From +13 Years Old) is an off-road electric scooter hence capable of maneuvering the bumpy terrains. The downside would be that it is much heavier than other models for me that is a good thing as it prevents it from toppling easily. It manages 12 MPH even on uphill. It has a weight capacity of 154 lbs and has a 40 minutes battery life. It is also certified and is safe for use on by your young one.


11. Disney Princess (From +3 Years Old)

At the tender age of three, your little cutie can get to enjoy an electric scooter ride thanks to the Disney Princess (From +3 Years Old). The pink color makes it a girl’s electric scooter. The design makes for easy riding and is very sturdy. It 1.75 MPH there will be no chance of an accident. In 8 hours you will get a full battery that will last for 40 minutes. Being a three wheel electric scooter, it is super stable.

12. Razor Trikke E2 (From +8 Years Old)

Razor Trikke E2 (From +8 Years Old) offers you a stable and sturdy electric scooter. The three wheels allow not only for stability but also easy turning. It runs on a 24 V battery that is UL2272 certified meaning it will never set into flames. This scooter offers for a smooth learning curve for your kid. Later they can upgrade to the two-wheeled scooter after they learn to find their balance.


13. Maxtra (From 6-14 Years Old)

The battery sustains the scooter for an hour. On a flat terrain, it attains a maximum speed of 14 MPH. The speed is achievable through the 140-watt motor. The steel construction is strong enough to ensure the safety of your kid.
It also comes with an optional seat, optional because the kid can remove the seat if they are not comfortable with it. The handlebar offers for adjusting to suit the rider’s height.

14. Razor Ecosmart (From +12 Years Old)

Razor Ecosmart

Razor Ecosmart (From +12 Years Old) offers a convenient means for the kids to commute to school and over other short distances. Moving at 20 MPH the kids will learn to be independent at a tender age. The scooter also has a carry basket meaning you can send your kid to the shop. It features a unique design, and the battery lasts for an hour. I would recommend that until you get real good in scooter riding to consider keeping the speed at 12 MPH. the deal includes a 90-day limited warranty.


15. Razor Ground Force (Age +8 Years Old)

The compact design of the Razor Ground Force (Age +8 Years Old) allows for easy transportation. It easily packs in SUVs and wagons. A low center of gravity makes sure that it is stable. Metals and hard plastic are a durable choice of materials. The silver color is very exciting. At 140 lbs weight limit it will accommodate a good range of kids ages. To spice up the deal, it also comes with a 90-day limited warranty.

16. Razor Power Rider 360 (Age +8 Years Old)

Razor Power Rider 360

It makes for a foldable design with the foldable footpegs. It has a hand brake and a push button mechanism that makes for easy operation and use. Capable of making 360 degrees turn it makes for some incredible fun.
The battery is UL listed and runs for 30 minutes I was hoping for at least 40 minutes but it half an hour is okay. It comes in colors black and yellow.


16. StreetSaw (Age +13 Years Old)

Visibility is important for the electric scooters, especially if at some time you will require using it in the night. StreetSaw (Age +13 Years Old) comes with some dual LED lights that light up to 6.5 inches in front, very handy in avoiding obstacles. A Samsung or LG battery ensure for safety. For USA brand fans, it is made in the USA! The money back guarantee sees to it that you are not putting anything at risk.


18. Pulse Perf Sonic XL (Age +13 Years Old)

Pulse Perf Sonic XL

Pulse Perf Sonic XL (Age +13 Years Old) has air filled tires that ensure for a smooth ride by being good shock absorbers. The steel components that make for durability are easy to assemble. The air filled tires are also big enough to handle bumps and muddy terrain. The deck is big and accommodates both feet. The 24 V battery powers the scooter for 40 minutes at a maximum speed of 13 MPH. At 150 lbs or below you will not break the frame.

19. Pulse Perf Super C (Age 13+ Years Old)

Pulse Perf Super C (Age 13+ Years Old) is unique in that not many of the models come with the digital speedometer that it has. The deck is from heavy duty aluminum plate. The battery lasts for 40 minutes but, you get the flexibility to swap the batteries if you have an additional battery. It has an on/off indicator for safety. It is rated at 15 MPH and maximum weight capacity of 150 lbs. Being heavy and fast it rules out younger kids but it is incredible for older kids.


20. Razor Jr. Mini Mod (Age +3 Years Old)

I will just go out of my way and say we are ending the list with the cheapest of these amazing scooters for your brats and cuties. It runs at only 2 MPH very safe for kid’s ages 1.5 to 2 years. It comes in colors green and pink.
It has a 3.8 stars rating, but if people could just be realistic, this is a 4.3 and above electric scooters. The weight limit stands at 44 lbs.

Final Verdict

Hope in your quest to find the best electric scooters for your brats and cuties one or more of the above-listed top 20 electric scooters has won your heart. I just gave you a chance to choose from the 20 best just take it with a grateful heart. My conscience is right, so I already feel amazing by helping you out.