Packing Dishes: What To Use In Place Of Newspapers

Use In Place Of Newspapers

February 23rd, 2021   |   Updated on June 27th, 2022

One of the most time-consuming and difficult moving tasks is packing the fragile kitchen items like plates and dishes.

Fortunately, you can hire a professional moving company to ensure all your items remain intact and unbreakable during the hustle and bustle of transit. Visit and book moving services.

While most people use newspapers to wrap the dinnerware, it is not so effective and doesn’t offer a higher level of protection.

Herein, we are sharing 5 easy alternatives to pack all your kitchen dishes so that your items reach safely to your new address in one piece:

1. Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap offers adequate strength and safety to your delicate items for moving long distances and to survive bumps on the roads.

Wrapping the plates, dishes and glasses with bubble sheets can actually protect them from damaging and breaking.

Make sure to use the bubble wrap having small bubbles as these can conveniently wrap around the items much better than the ones having large bubbles.

2. Towels

Towels are great packing supplies and provide perfect cushioning to your dishes and the bottoms of the moving containers. These have a sufficient thickness and can help prevent chips or cracks to your items.


Make sure not to use towels to cushion big boxes for the boxes could get very heavy and it can be difficult for you to move them.

3. Clothing Items

Wrapping up breakables with clothes provides an extra layer of protection during the moving, loading and unloading process.

Some of the clothing items you can use are:

  • Winter gear: Soft and heavy winter wear are perfect cushioning supplies for breakable items.
  • Scarf: Long and soft scarves are best for wrapping wine glasses or plates.
  • T-shirts: You can wrap one plate or bowl per t-shirt.
  • Stockings: Suitable for small glasses or cups.
  • Pro tip: Fill up any gaps in the boxes with clothes to secure the package completely.

4. Styrofoam Plates

No, we are not talking about the plates that were left over from your last night celebration.

Styrofoam plates are solid, spongy and are efficient enough to absorb any shocks or damages caused during the transition.


All you have to do is keep styrofoam plates in between the dishes. It will create a spongy barrier between the dishes and will prevent any striking between the two items.

5. Packing Paper

Packing paper is one of the best substitutions to the newspaper and is quite affordable when it comes to packing your dishes.

All you have to do is

  • Place a double layer of packing paper at the bottom of the box
  • Wrap each piece of dinnerware with packing paper
  • Put them one at a time in the box
  • Place an extra layer of paper in between every two dishes

In The End…

Packing your dishes without using the newspaper is actually beneficial as it can spoil your items by leaving dark ink spots behind.

Above all, don’t forget to label your boxes as “FRAGILE” or “HANDLE WITH CARE”.

Happy Moving!