Best Alternatives To Smoking Cigarettes

Smoking alternatives

November 27th, 2020   |   Updated on June 29th, 2022

We have all been told for many years that smoking cigarettes is detrimental to our health and is responsible for causing various cancers, such as bladder, mouth, and stomach cancer.

It is no surprise then that many smokers are now looking for alternative ways of still getting their fix whilst negating some of these health risks.

For those who want to ditch cigarettes, we have put together a useful list of alternative products out there that can help you quit smoking altogether for good.

Smoking Alternatives: 3 Best Options

1. Chewing Tobacco

Chewing tobacco still gives you your nicotine fix and has the smell and taste of cigarettes, but does not require you to inhale harmful smoke that can damage your lungs like smoking does.

It is widely used by baseball players, cowboys, and farmers, as it is much easier to go about the tasks involved within these professions with tobacco in their mouths than with a cigarette hanging out of it that requires lighting up and holding.

Today there are many different types of this smokeless tobacco available to purchase. Some that are loose, some come in pouches, there are all sorts of different flavours, and even some that are free from tobacco altogether, such as those ones made by a company called Black Buffalo. Click here to view their full range of tobacco free dip.

2. Vape Pen

Over recent years vape pens and, to a lesser extent, e cigarettes have become increasingly popular, particular with the younger generation of smokers.

Again, these come with liquids that are available in a whole host of flavors, from vanilla and menthol to bubblegum and donut.

There is also the option to add other chemicals to the liquid, such as CBD, in order to reap the health benefits that consuming it brings.

The use of CBD has now become so popular with vapers and other parts of wider society that it is not even available in dog treats believe it or not.

Verma Farms stock a whole range of good quality CBD infused treats for your do, so that they can get the same benefits too.

3. Nicotine Patch & Gum

A classic and much used alternative to smoking cigarettes, nicotine patches and / or gum are still effective in giving you the buzz that you are used to from the nicotine, just with out the unpleasant smell and harmful smoke that smoking gives off.

When first giving up smoking, you use these in conjunction with cigarettes and then as you slowly begin to wean yourself off of the cigarettes, you then increase the frequency in which you use the patches and / or gum until you are able to solely use them on their own.

If none of these alternatives sound appealing, you could always try cutting down the amount of cigarettes that you smoke on a daily basis using your own will power, or you could also go completely cold turkey and stop using them altogether. Both of these ways are much more difficult and stress inducing than using an alternative as an aid.