5 Daily Habits To Help You Become More Organized

Become More Organized

August 27th, 2020   |   Updated on June 29th, 2022

How many times do you find yourself frustrated at the end of the day because you weren’t able to accomplish as much as you had hoped? How often does it feel like you are forgetting about important events, errands, meetings, and tasks? Do you always feel as though you’re behind the ball both at home and at work just struggling to catch up, with no hope of getting ahead?

If this sounds like you then there’s a good chance you could benefit with some organization in your life.

By being organized, you’ll find you can use your time more efficiently, cross more off that “to do” list, and truly start to get ahead of things and feel more in control.

With that said, we’ve gone ahead and created a list of five daily habits that will make it possible for you to become more organized in general, and allow you to feel more relaxed and accomplished.

1. Use Apps And Software To Your Advantage

One thing that organized people often reach for is software and apps that are designed to help with scheduling, keeping track of data, analyzing that data, and even tracking time.

Take for example Time Tackle which makes it possible for you to take advantage of Google Calendar’s flexibility and export that information to Excel and a Google spreadsheet.

It’s about making you as efficient and productive as possible, within the least number of steps possible.

You will essentially be automating your workflow which can elevate you to a whole new level of productivity that you’ve never reached before.

2. Ensure You Declutter On A Regular Basis

This tip can be applied both to your home and your workspace, as this is an excellent way to stay organized.

By decluttering you will be getting rid of all the “mess” and unnecessary items so that you can then find the stuff you need and want faster and easier.

The goal is to declutter often so that it never gets to the point of feeling overwhelming.

While you’re busy decluttering, it’s also a good idea to ensure you have enough storage space for all your stuff so every item has its own home.

3. Make A Habit Of Jotting Things Down

Many people find it hard to keep track of and remember, a ton of items in their head. By jotting things down as they come to you, you take all that pressure off your shoulders.

Grocery shopping is a great example of this tip. If you head to the grocery store without a list, there’s a good chance you’ll end up buying items you don’t need, and then forgetting the items you did want. Using a grocery list would solve the problem.

4. Create A Specific Spot For Your Keys, Wallet, Purse, And Phone

Which items are essential to carry every time you leave the house? Your keys, wallet, purse, and phone.

Now ask yourself how many times you are tearing the house apart trying to find one or more of those items, resulting in you leaving the house late by the time you locate them all.

A really simple habit is to choose one spot, one storage solution, where you keep each of these items when not in use, and always be sure to place them there the moment you walk in the house.

5. Start Laying Out Your Clothes The Night Before

If you’re the type of person who feels rushed in the morning and always seems to be late getting to work, laying out your clothes the night before could save you a lot of time.

This will shave valuable minutes off your morning routine and leave you feeling more relaxed and organized.

Simplify Your Life With Organization

Each of these tips will make it possible to inject organization into your life and allow you to feel more in control.