Top 5 Best Solar Car Battery Chargers

Best Solar Car Battery Chargers

July 12th, 2019   |   Updated on October 10th, 2019

Your car makes your commuting convenient but what happens when its battery dies down at a remote location? You probably have no idea of how to move further and are looking for some solution to the problem at hand.

A solar car battery charger can provide you a respite and carrying it alone can save you from such an untoward incident.

To assist you in making a choice we compiled a list of the top 5 best solar car battery charger that are best suited for this task. Have a look.

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1. Battery Tender 10 W Solar Maintainer

This is probably the easiest solar charger that you can look at. The biggest advantage that this solar charger has is that it is waterproof, spark proof and has a temperature compensation module which ensures that even in rough weathers your battery does not get damaged.

Other solar chargers have to be stored inside in case such a situation arises but not with this one. This solar maintainer is available in 5, 10 and 15-watt models and is provided with integrated blocking diode which caters to your charge not being misused. However, the 15 W model is huge and you might face issues in carrying it.

2. SUPER POWER 6 W Battery Charger

battery charger - Best Solar Car Battery Chargers

This battery charger is one amongst the smallest ones so you do not face any issues with its size. Since the size is less you may just place it on the dash of your car when it is parked.

There is a plastic frame that protects the charger and alligator clamps using which you can connect it to your battery.

The same also has an integrated blocking diode similar to other models. One thing that most customers like about the charger is that it can work in all temperatures and climates without any problem.

3. POWOXI 1.8 W Solar Battery Charger

In case you are the owner of a small car or motorcycle then this is the charger that would serve your purpose. Since it is the smallest charger it works well with batteries that do not need frequent charging.

Extremely low on the price they are quite convenient to carry and throw around in the car. Again this model is waterproof and sun resistant so you may not worry about it getting damaged.

Even after being out in the snow and cold for long the charger works to its best abilities.

4. Newpowa 30 W Solar Panel With Charge Controller

Newpowa 30 W Solar Panel With Charge Controller

Want a long term solution for charging your battery then opt for this product. It is a standard solar panel and has tempered glass and aluminum framing.

A highly durable charger this one survives the test of time. In the kit, you receive a charge controller and alligator clips to get attached to the battery.

Having a capacity of 30 W it can keep your battery running for long but it takes time to charge and if your battery is fully dead then you can’t trust this product for help. Also, its size is a huge constraint and you might find it difficult to use.

5. Suaoki 18 W Solar Battery Charger

The Suaoki 18 W Solar Battery Charger has similar features as the previous charger but it is lightweight and can be installed easily.

Waterproof is also another feature that the charger boasts of and does not have a glass or metal frame to make it bulky. Provided with holes in each corner you can use the charger and attach it anywhere.

You may not consider it as a battery charger as it only maintains the charge. You may attach it your car or RV and keep your battery loaded at all times.