Savvy Selling: The 6 Best Ways To Sell A Car

Savvy Selling: The 6 Best Ways to Sell a Car

Published on July 18th, 2019

When you’re ready to finally sell your car, multiple reasons may have led you to this point. Maybe you’re looking to simply upgrade from the car you have now to a newer model or different vehicle make. Whatever your reason may be, there are plenty of selling options for you, and knowing the best ways to sell a car gets you more money in your pocket.

Placing your car for sale reaches many different buyers. There aren’t just one or two kinds of buyers out there looking to pay for your used car. Multiple people are willing to take the old car off your hands, and there are multiple platforms to use when trying to reach them.

So, before you make that final decision on who you sell to, do your research and take advantage of all the different ways to sell a car so that you can ensure you’re selling to the best buyer! Continue reading below to find out more.

1. Sell To A Dealership

As you’re probably already aware of, selling to a dealership is your first option. It’s a fairly simple and quick process, and you cut out all that extra time spent on advertising. The same day you bring in your car to the dealership, you’ll receive an appraisal.

If you agree with the appraisal amount, the dealer will pay you for the car right then and there. It’s a quick way to get cash for your car. However, keep in mind that if your car is no longer in working order, a dealership most likely won’t purchase it from you.

Selling to a dealer is the best way to sell your car fast if it’s in good condition and working order.

2. Sell To Car Buying Services

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Your next best option is to consider selling your car to a car-buying service. Many people who sell their cars to a car-buying service location receive better offers than they did at a dealership. This is why it’s so important to do your research and find out who’s going to give you the best offer.

When you arrive at one of these locations, the appraisal is completed in about 30 minutes. Just like at the dealership, if you agree with the offer, you can walk away with cash for your car quickly. However, with these services, if you don’t agree with the offer, or you think that you can get more for it, the offer remains valid for 7 days.

This means you have time to review other options. If you can’t sell the car for more money in those 7 days, you can come back and accept the offer then.

3. Sell As A Trade-In

Another option that you have is to sell your car as a trade-in vehicle. This is a good option for people who are looking to sell their old car and purchase a newer one. For those in this situation, it’s a good option because you can sell your current car and purchase your new one at the same time.

With this option, the dealer will offer you the new car at a discounted price because they take the value of the car your trading in and deduct it from the total price of the new car. However, it’s important to keep in mind that although this option offers quick money and the convenience of knocking out two processes in one, you might not get as much money for your older car this way.

4. Sell As A Junk Car

One option that you have if your car that you’re selling is no longer in working or good condition is to sell it as a junk car. We Buy Junk Cars will pick up your old junk car from you for free and within a short amount of time. They buy cars in pretty much any condition and working with them means you won’t have to worry about taking all of the expensive parts out of your car before bringing it to a junkyard.

They pride themselves in beating a trade-in value price that the dealership gave you and cash is given on the spot! This is the best option for someone who wants to sell an old car that is no longer in working order. But they don’t only purchase junk cars, also purchase cars that are in working condition, which means you should check with them before selling your junk car or your working car.

5. Use Good Advertisements

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One of the fastest ways to sell your car is to use good advertisements. You’ll want to post your listing on websites like Craiglist, Facebook Marketplace, and any other online platform where cars are sold. You should also consider posting flyers and using stickers on the car that states it’s for sale and a number to call.

When posting flyers and posting online, it’s crucial that you use good advertisement skills and include all of the vehicle’s information that a buyer will want to know about. This crucial information includes the vehicle’s make, model, year, mileage, title status, number of previous owners, location, seller contact information, and more. Failure to do so might result in potential buyers skipping past your listing.

6. Sell To A Private Party

Your last option is to sell your car privately. If you choose to sell your car privately, it’s even more important to use good advertisements. This is where potential buyers will see your ad and respond.

When using sites to determine the value of your car, some websites give you a wholesale price and a retail price. When selling to a private party, you’ll price the car using the retail price, which is always higher. This is the best way to get the most money out of your car if it’s in good working condition.

However, do keep in mind that the process is not always a quick one, and there’s no exact way to determine how long your car will be on the market for. You’ll also have to invest time in meeting up with potential buyers and showing the car.

7. What Are The Best Ways To Sell A Car?

Which are the best ways to sell a car in your situation? To figure out which option is best for you, you should know what’s more important to you: quick money or more money. You should also know the condition of your car to determine which way is best.

And at the very least, be sure to do your research and get appraisals from multiple options before making your final decision. Interest in more lifestyle tips?

Be sure to keep checking back with us regularly to learn more!