Improve Your Focus For A Better Lifestyle – Train Your Brain

Better Lifestyle – Train Your Brain

Published on June 25th, 2020

To achieve life goals, people have to stay focused almost all the time. Improving the focus usually means to improve the brain. After all, concentration is one of the basic functionalities.

Before making use of the recommendations below, assess whether you really need it. Here are the signs that one has to work on their focus:

  • Inability to tune off distractions;
  • Regular daydream;
  • Lost track of progress.

Of course, there are many health issues to consider. However, medical treatment alone will not have the desired effect without combining it with some practice pieces of advice.

Set Your Mood And Environment

The weather has an impact on our moods and behaviors, and it has been proven many times.

The scientists found out that slightly-above-ambient temperatures stimulate better brain work, especially creativity. The thing is that a human being reaches the top productivity level when feeling rested.

Higher and lower temperatures both impact the mood and overall health condition positively. We work most efficiently when the temperature around is approximately 25℃. The quality of air also has a great impact.

Except for the level of pollution and temperature, one should take care of the lights.

The wavelength of blue light emitted from neon lights helps to feel cheerful and focused. One can also obtain plenty of hints from their own organism when it gets overwhelmed.

As Inc.Com and many other influential companies claim, the 20-second rule is a technique that everyone who wishes to stay focused should try.

The idea is to turn off the apps that may distract one from the core activities. Those are social networks and games. Make them hard to access, and you’ll see how many things you’ll manage to accomplish during one day.

Take Care Of Different Types Of Distractions

Mobile apps for communication, fun, and entertainment constitute one of the numerous groups of distractions.

The intrusions may pop up as the thoughts about other people or radio blaring in the background. While it is true that some genres of music help us to concentrate and work, others work completely oppositely.

Some people complain that their colleagues drop by their cubicle to chat all the time. You should not keep silent – ask them politely first. Unlike devices, you cannot turn a human being off (well, at least, to make it look legal).

However, “Do Not Disturb” signs and a good conversation with the source of distraction may help.

One more option is to seek out a silent place where you know nobody, or it is forbidden to communicate (like a public library). Also, consider multiple coffee shops and cafes.

Come Up With Small Daily Goals

If you have a big mission to achieve, try to break it up into smaller pieces. Plan the schedule and dedicate some time to every tiny task.

It’s like solving a puzzle. Let’s say it seems impossible to achieve a million subscribers for your channel overnight, even if you pay an expert to do that for you.

Some of the possible minor tasks that you may have to complete to reach this amount of subscribers are creating new posts, optimizing the existing content, and tracking analytics. Those would be your daily goals.

Avoid Multi-Tasking

Even though most of the job openings today include multi-tasking among the responsibilities, you should better avoid it in real life. The reliable sources prove that a human being risks losing up to 40% of productivity in the case of multi-tasking.

Switching the brain back and forth between various assignments, especially when they belong to the different categories, is definitely a bad idea.

For instance, a student who is writing a paper should better finish before starting to read a book, cleaning up, or mastering another video game.

To speed up the process, one can go online and search for the essay writing service to see how various websites can help with this problem.

Think About The Reward Mechanism

Once you complete part of an assignment, reward yourself with some bonuses to remain motivated.

At a workplace, one may be motivated by the financial reward is the shape of wages and bonuses. At home, you may set up your own rewarding system.

For example, once you accomplish another important task, eat your favorite cookie or spend 30 minutes on a Facebook page.

Then, do not forget to turn off the distractions before getting to another task. That is how it works!

Take Care Of Your Mindfulness

Dedicate something around 40 minutes to various exercises that train both your brain and mindfulness in particular.

Try one month of mindfulness meditation that you can find online easily and compare the results. It is important to try different techniques to select the right one for you.

Those who practice mindfulness and self-control can stay on assignment longer, switching between messy thoughts less often.

Start with the deep breathing exercises having some relaxing music or sounds of nature in the background.

Start practicing these tips today. You’ll notice significant improvements not just in your ability to focus and avoid falling off the topic, but the work of your brain in general.