Top 3 Black Friday 2019 Deals On The Best Robot Vacuums

Black Friday Deals

Published on November 15th, 2019

Nowadays, many homes increasingly get robot vacuum cleaners. These small, invisible, and smart assistants are gradually replacing the ordinary wired vacuum cleaners and take on the main task of maintaining the floor cleanliness.

But if you decide to choose a robot, you will soon realize that there are a lot of models and manufacturers, and sometimes the devices may be rather pricy.

But don`t lose your heart! The Black Friday sales will be an excellent reason to purchase the desired household assistant with a good discount. And our review will help you choose the best option of all possible.

1. Roborock S5

Roborock S5

Roborock S5 cleaner is one of the Xiaomi company models. For several years, this Chinese manufacturer has been producing robotic vacuum cleaners under the familiar Roborock brand, and they annually occupy the leading places in top lists and customer reviews. Roborock S5 is one of the best models, as it combines the maximum functionality and affordable price.

Roborock S5 is a second-generation robot that incorporates all the best qualities of its predecessor (Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner) and has been supplemented with several new features. This model is suitable not only for dry vacuuming but also for mopping.

During vacuuming, it uses a side brush and the main silicone roller, which help collect debris and hair without winding and clogging. Depending on the pollution and cleaning mode, the robot applies certain suction power from 400 Pa (in quiet mode) to 2000 Pa (in Max mode). There is also a standard mode of 800 Pa and a power mode of 1200 Pa.

If you need to proceed with the mopping, you should set a water tank and a soft fiber. A 150 ml replaceable container moistens the cloth, which wipes the floor. The robot works for 150 minutes in dry mode and up to 60 minutes in wet mode.

All the management over the robot and mode switch are carried out via MiHome mobile application. It expands the capabilities of the cleaner and your control as you can set the schedule, get notifications about the completed tasks, see the map of the rooms, set restriction zones, etc. So you get full control and information about the operation and condition of the vacuum cleaner.

Roborock S5 performs thorough cleaning as it plans the route, uses strict movements and intelligent navigation. It has a high-precision LDS laser sensor that scans a room and creates a map. There is also a pressure sensor that prevents collisions and a height difference sensor that notices dangerous elevations.

Even though Xiaomi has released an updated and improved Roborock S6 version, users claim that it`s not much different from the S5, but costs significantly more. The regular price for Roborock S5 is $500. This year, you can save 20-30% of the value, that is, as much as 150 dollars. Excellent and very advantageous offer!

2. Deebot N79S

deebot n79s

The Deebot N79S is a new Ecovacs robot vacuum cleaner. This smart Chinese assistant perfectly vacuums all hard floors from luxe parquet to the wooden plank. The 500 Pa suction guarantees the quality of cleaning.

But when the robot faces carpets, it can double suction up to 1000 Pa and switch on its Max mode. In Auto mode, the robot vacuum runs for 120 minutes, but mind that Max mode consumes more energy.

The strict and straightforward appearance hides several intelligent operating modes, three-stage cleaning system, the main V-shaped roller with bristles, Wi-Fi connection with prescheduling and remote monitoring, and voice control.

Built-in Smart Motion navigation ensures full coverage of an entire floor surface. Deebot N79S forms a route and vacuums every section several times so that not to miss any spot. The robot also scans rooms to find drops and obstacles. Cliff and pressure sensors provide this side of the navigation.

So the device covers up to 1076 sq.ft/100 sq. meters and is perfect for flats and one-story private houses. At the moment, the Deebot N79S costs about $250.

The price history shows that on Black Friday 2018, customers got a 20% discount. This time we`ll have an opportunity to buy this Deebot with 40% benefit.

Taking into account the functionality and characteristics of Deebot N79S, it rightfully occupies the place in our top of Black Friday robot vacuum deals.

3. Roomba 960

roomba 960

Surely our top couldn`t come without an iRobot vacuum. This leading American company produces best-selling robots. Still, they are also rather pricy as such quality of performance demands and deserves high cost. We consider Roomba 960 to be one of the most beneficial purchases this autumn as it provides the same high-level result but costs more affordable than its «brothers».

So customers have especially highlighted its quality of cleaning and navigation. iRobot Roomba 960 is a vacuum cleaner that performs only dry floor cleaning.

The height of the robot is 3.6 inches. It guarantees thorough cleaning under almost any furniture without scratches and trapping. Double rotating silicone rollers «scrape» the floor, thus collecting litter more effectively and preventing hair winding.

The combination of brushes, 900 Pa suction, and several cleaning modes provide perfect vacuuming on any floor type from marble tile to low-pile carpets.

In case of extra dirt, it activates the AeroForce enforced vacuuming and cleans this spot several times. You`ll have up to 80 minutes of cleaning in the Auto mode, which is enough to cover a 150 sq.m. dwelling.

For better navigation, Roomba 960 uses vSLAM and iAdapt 2.0 technologies. Its cameras perform room mapping and plan the route. The robot can also track its location, find the charging station, detect pollution through Dirt Detect sensors, and avoid stairs thanks to the anti-drop sensors.

The robot runs via a mobile application, where you can start and stop the cleaning process, configure the robot to work on a schedule, determine its location, etc. Roomba 960 is also compatible with Google and Alexa voice assistants.

The current price of the Roomba 960 is $550, but coming Black Friday lets us save approximately $100 off this robot vacuum. Anyway, there`s a chance to find deals with even 30% discounts. So we`ll keep monitoring the offers.

Admittedly, this is not all the best Black Friday robot vacuum deals. Follow the updates on our website, and you`ll find the most profitable offers for these three models and get information about discounts on other robots and smart devices you`re dreaming of.