9 Genius Ideas To Make Your Islands And Breakfast Bars Fit In Small Kitchen Spaces

Breakfast Ideas For Small Kitchens

March 19th, 2019   |   Updated on April 19th, 2021

A kitchen with an island and breakfast bars are really an ideal setting, may it be for casual or informal dining. A formal dining room may be a beautiful place for entertaining family, friends, or guests whether normal or special occasions.

But if you consider adding kitchen layouts, it is recommended for you to add islands and breakfast bars to your kitchen spaces. It is a simple way to brings upon a beautiful and creative design to your kitchen; a fine and simple way to bring aesthetics to your kitchen.

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In this article, we are discussing 9 ways to make your islands and breakfast bars work in small kitchens. However, before we could discuss these ways to you, let’s discuss first what kitchen cabinets are and pre-assembled kitchen cabinets are.

Kitchen cabinets are essential furniture stationary and associated in any kitchens to store foods, cooking utensils, and often silverware utensils and plates to serve to the table. You might be wondering, “Is there such thing as cabinets discount?” Yes, there is.

There are online stores that offer price discounts for certain types of custom kitchen cabinets. Appliances such as refrigerator, dishwashers, and oven are often adjusted into kitchen cabinetry.

Now That You Are Enlightened On What Kitchen Cabinets And Pre-assembled Kitchen Cabinets Are, Then Let’s Proceed To The Discussion:

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1. Pop Out A Ledge

As a homeowner, you don’t really need to go for a large island and breakfast bar to show your guests that you really put effort on designing your kitchen. Having small ones is enough for your kitchen.

This small island and breakfast bar is already big enough to fit two or three stools for you and your guests to sit down and have a chat. Just like what it is recommended: no need to have a large island and breakfast bar.

Beneath the bar, you see the cabinet and shelving for storage of utensils. This small caped bar benefits in the identification of the separation of kitchen and other spaces.

2. Take A U-turn

Having this kind of island and breakfast bar is one of the ideas that set the tone on your kitchen. Not only it is an added design for your kitchen, but it is also a creative transition in going to your kitchen.

Having the U-turn design creates a U shaped kitchen design for Creative Island and breakfast bar. It is a cool idea for a creative homeowner.

3. Go Around A Corner

No doubt having a corner island and breakfast bar can be a creative way to make use of the spaces. You can have a corner island and breakfast bar if your kitchen has an open-plan room with a partition wall.

Having pre-assembled cabinets can also be a good way to establish in the spaces of the kitchen as the cabinets continue beyond the wall. The countertop is enough for stools to be placed as the countertop is arranged in the counter forming a ledge.

4. Book A Table

If you are reluctant in choosing an island and breakfast bar, you may prefer having a wall mounted table. This wall mounted table may suit very well and fits behind the slender surface of the kitchen.

Wall mounted table is a perfect spot for you and your companion to have a sip of drink and converse. The table has also curved edges, helps to protect people from accidentally hurting themselves from sharp edges of the table.

5. Custom Design To Space

In the context of your kitchen-dining area, you as a homeowner may want to know what’s best for your kitchen that has an island and breakfast bar. Having an L-shaped footprint of the cabinets may be not suitable for your kitchen, as it consumes much space.

To have enough space: is to cut the corner off the island bar’s tabletop if you want to access from wall to your tabletop.

6. Stow Storage In The Surface

Having an overhanging countertop is a genius and creative way to modify or establish your island and breakfast bar. This overhanging creates a huge amount of space when you sit.

It also contains three well-designed drawers beneath it. The partition on the surface creates simplicity; it creates storage for glass utensils.

7. Float Away

As a homeowner, you also need to consider having a floating point of your bar. Having no base cabinets creates a feeling of free space because of the extended countertop. It creates an illusion of space in your base and keeps the furniture off the floor.

8. Go Along The Walls

The compressed kitchen here has adequate storage along two walls, so the other walls can be developed for an efficient breakfast bar. The fine surface is big enough to occupy your kitchen surfaces.

9. Size Doesn’t Matter

It really doesn’t matter because as extra small work surface is enough to make a kitchen busy. Spaces like these provide a utilizing area to prepare; it even includes a handy cabinet for your island and breakfast bar.