What Are The Varieties You Can Buy In Hampton Chairs

Hampton chairs

October 20th, 2020   |   Updated on October 14th, 2022

Furniture makes a dwelling into a home. Be it formal, upholstered, or patio furniture, each plays a vital role in creating an inviting space. The Australian furniture market is forecasted to be valued to reach US$3,025 million by 2024. The industry is likely to expand at a CAGR of 8.1% year on year.

Hamptons furniture has been known to adorn the most affluent homes across Australia. It has also gained popularity abroad. Here we discuss the various types of Hampton chairs that not only are inviting but bejewel your home.

Two-Seater Hampton Legged Sofa

This classic button back sofa is ideal for you and your loved one to lounge as you unwind for the day. The exceptional quality wood legs and elegant fabric spells class all the way. As you sink into the sofa, you want to tuck in your feet and relax as you make plans.

Fireside Chair

This cosy yet trendy chair is when you want some “me” time. You can light a fire and mellow in its heat while your feet are tucked into the crevices. The arms of the chair are upholstered to give you comfort after a long day. They are soft enough to ease your shoulders and firm enough not to make you slouch.

Oakwood Arm Chair

This chair is for the minimalist in you. It is not as elaborately upholstered as its counterparts. With a little cushioning in the back and the seat, the chair is ideal for informal meetings. It is comfortable without being too couch-like. The best part about Hampton chairs is that they are elegance fitted into your budget.

Leather Upholstery

It’s perfect for men who like to display their masculinity in every part of their home. These leather finished chairs are cushioned at the seat, back, and on the arms. They are comfortable and fit perfectly into a guy-hanging-out. The leather will ensure that the spills and stains are taken care of quickly, and the chair remains pristine.

Sidewinder Accent Chairs

Inspired by the Barcelona chair, it offers high comfort at a low price. Faux leather and button tufting make it a quintessential in a home office or the living room.

Oversized Chairs

These sofa-chairs are designed with only one thing in mind, comfort. The inviting rich cushions will transport you to paradise. It is classic because it has nailhead trims and chenille-feel fabric with loads of texture. Add a toss pillow, and you are set for your weekend binge.

Swivel Chairs

This French-inspired creation fits right into your home. It has as much utility as comfort. The arms are stylish cutaways, the back is plush, and it features tapered legs. It can be used as a swivel chair, stationary chair, and an ottoman. The fabric comes in varying colours and designs to suit your tastes.

Furniture serves not only the utility function but also adds personality and class to your home. Hampton chairs are designed in varying shapes, sizes, and styles so that you can find one that matches your taste. The choice in colour and fabric only adds to the variety.