Buying Gold Earrings For Yourself

Buying Gold Earrings For Yourself

December 16th, 2021   |   Updated on June 27th, 2022

Gold is around for quite a long time now. Historians have found that civilizations thousands of years ago valued gold and even made jewelry out of it.

The unique color, feel and shine of gold make it look royal and have turned it into a symbol of luxury and richness.

Apart from showcasing luxury, gold also acts as an asset and increases its value over time, making it even more valuable.

Being a scarce and beautiful metal, gold is still highly valued and worn as jewelry by men and women around the world.

Amongst the most common types of gold jewelry are gold earrings. With gold being highly shapeable, gold earrings come in different shapes and sizes, all of which beautify the person wearing them.

If you are looking to buy gold earrings for yourself, then there are many things you should be aware of before putting your money on the table.

Before purchasing any piece of gold earrings, you should be mindful of the types, market prices, and scams you must avoid while buying gold.

Different Levels Of Purity In Gold Earrings

To prepare jewelry, gold is mixed with different types of alloys so that the final product is sturdy and rigid. Different Gold earrings can be divided based upon their levels of purity. Hence the level of purity in gold is what sets the price of that particular piece.

The gold content in jewelry is marked in karats(K). A 10 Karat gold earring, for example, contains 41.70% gold, whereas an 18 Karat earring includes 75% gold.

This goes up to 24 Karat which is 99.99 percent gold. In this case, the higher the percentage of gold, the higher the prices, which is why it is essential to ask and understand the levels of purity before buying any piece of jewelry.

Other Factors That Influence The Earring’s Price

While the gold market has a general price for gold, you should also consider the price of other alloys, labor, additional costs, and jeweler’s profit when buying an earring.

The costs can also be much higher than the rest of the market if you go for custom-made earrings or decide to buy from top-tier brands.

Different Types Of Gold Earrings

Like all other jewelry pieces, gold earrings come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. With a vast number of choices, it can sometimes be challenging for you to select which gold earring to buy for a particular occasion leaving you confused.

But don’t you worry because we have categorized some common gold earring types with the types of occasion and clothes they go perfectly with.

  • Stud earring:

A stud is the simplest type of gold earring out there; it consists of a small plain metal head attached with a stopper at its end. The small piece looks classy, is easy to wear, and goes best with minimalistic and casual clothing.

  • Hoop earring:

A hoop earring is a thin circular-shaped earring with a locking hook at its end. Their unique and big size makes them stand out and look classy and allows them to go well with casual and formal clothing.

  • Chandelier earring:

Chandelier earrings are one of the most decorative pieces of jewelry. These earrings, however, are not ones you would want to wear daily; instead, these are meant for heavy formal events such as weddings.

  • Gold Pave diamond earrings:

Made up of gold, the pave earrings are decorated with small pieces of other valuable stones such as diamonds.

This decoration on gold not only enhances the already elegant look of the jewelry but also makes it much more fashionable.

You can buy gold pave diamond earrings both in local markets and online. This beautiful piece of jewelry goes well with both semi-formal and formal outfits.

  • Teardrop earrings:

Like stud earrings, teardrop earrings have a plain head. This head is attached to a big tear-shaped gold piece giving it a very simple but elegant look. However big in size, these earrings go well with both formal and semi-formal outfits.

  • Huggie earrings:

Just like hoop earrings, the Huggie earring is shaped in a circle. These, however, are thicker, making them heavier and more visible when worn. The Huggie earrings, due to their simple yet evident appearance, are perfect for both party and wedding wear.

The To-do’s Of Buying Gold Earrings

As soon as you decide upon buying gold earrings, there is a list of things that you might want to do in order to avoid certain scams and buy for yourself the best gold earrings out there. Here we have prepared a list of to-dos for buying gold earrings.

  • Buy from a trusted seller:

The number one rule of buying gold jewelry is to always buy it from a trusted seller. Scammers over the years have developed newer techniques to replicate other metals to look like original gold.

An untrusted and unknown seller can easily fool you into buying replicated gold for the price of original gold. A trusted store or seller, however, will always provide you with original and authentic gold jewelry. You can also find trusted sellers such as itshot jewelry online.

  • Always check purity:

If you are someone that is following the previous step, then following this step might not be essential for you. However, if you are buying gold and think that the seller is telling you an improper percentage of gold concentration, then you should get it checked by an expert.

  • Always compare prices

When buying gold, either online or offline, you should always look out for prices and designs in a number of different stores. Doing this will help you compare designs and prices, thus helping you select the best gold earrings at the best possible prices.


Earrings really do elevate your outfit game to the next level, and when gold earrings come to play, they sure are the show stealers. Gold earrings, no matter which occasion, always make you look stunning. We hope that this article might have been helpful for you to buy yourself gold earrings.