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A Guide To Buying Modern Laptops In 2021

Buying Modern Laptop

February 25th, 2021   |   Updated on November 17th, 2021

Whether you are a gadget buff or not, laptops are quintessential gadgets that make for a valuable investment. Therefore, before buying a high-quality notebook, it’s essential to look out for modern features.

While Apple limits its Macbooks to limited configurations, Windows compatible and Chrome OS laptops can open up several options for you to explore.

More than the operating system, you should also explore display details, battery backup, and portability. Modern laptops like Huawei Matebook X Pro provide touchscreen capabilities for improved operational abilities with intuitive interaction.

Here are some noteworthy features to check out when buying a laptop in 2021 to find the right match for your needs:

1. Touchscreen Support

Touchscreens were once an exclusive hallmark of high-end laptops since the hardware was expensive and touch-based screens were not desirable.

However, in recent times, tablets’ popularity has paved the way for a hybrid version of PC and tablet – aka touchscreen laptops.

With the advent of new technologies, touchscreen options in laptops have gained footing and now common even on budget designs. It’s a feature that is great to have in a modern laptop.

2. Battery Backup

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When looking for a laptop in 2021, buyers seek ease of portability and prefer powerful features that can make their life easy. One such feature that you should not miss is the battery power of the laptop.

Consider how much charge the laptop withstands for web browsing, video playback, and regular work.

Top brands like Huawei Matebook X Pro provide exceptional battery power on a single charge, making it less cumbersome for you to work non-stop according to your personal, leisure, and business requirements.

3. Slim And Sleek Design

The new age of gadgets calls for slim, stylish, and sleek aesthetics for practical everyday use. Therefore, it’s only fair to expect the same elegant designs in laptops so that they don’t bulk up and are easy to carry around.

With the revolution of ultrabooks that offer amazing portability without compromising performance and functionality, it’s best to look for laptops with a chic and sleek body.

4. Top-Notch Audio System

Since your laptop may also double up as an entertainment gadget for an ultimate video playback experience, you should be able to engage in an immersive listening experience.

Without the need for you to connect to external speakers or an audio system, the laptops must be in-built with superlative speakers with resonant sound quality and clear treble.

5. USB Charging

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Though the charging ports may be the last thing you look for in a laptop, it’s crucial to explore laptops via easy to charge USB Thunderbolt ports.

Firstly, these chargers tend to be compact than their power-brick counterparts, thereby offering portability advantages.

Second, they are easy to replace if at all anything goes wrong with the chargers. Finally, you will also leverage a better range of docking solutions with USB chargers as they are cheaper and more convenient to work from home.

6. Fullview Display

If you are a fan of the Apple Macbook Pro that offers the finest full view display with a massive view, you can enjoy the same kind of screen to body ratio in a wide range of affordable laptops.

For instance, the Huawei notebook x pro is one such laptop that offers a remarkable 91% screen to body ratio with a 3K full view display. As a result, you can view crystal clear video playback with vivid graphics and ultimate HD quality.

7. CPU And Processor Speed


As with all computers and laptops, the CPU constitutes the brain and accounts for your notebooks’ performance.

Therefore look for better CPUs that can process data quickly for lasting performance. The latest offerings of CPU range from Core i3 to i7 and more. Newer is always better when picking the latest laptop.

8. Multi-Screen Collaboration

If you want to transfer between your smartphone and laptop seamlessly, then the newest feature to look out for is multi-screen collaboration.

For quick sharing of resources, you can enable your laptop screen to act as a mirror to your smartphone and transfer photos, drag and drop files to and from your phones with ease.

Though you may try cast screens to transition between your phone and laptop, this latest feature makes collaboration and sharing a breeze.

Consider your budget and make a wise investment with features that you will use and contribute to a durable performance. Nowadays, having a laptop is necessary and not a luxury.

Whether you need it for your personal or business use, performance and portability are what ultimately matters when you pick the right notebook in 2021.

The above features will help you find the perfect laptop to fit your needs. Ensure to invest in a versatile laptop like Huawei notebook x pro that quickly adapts to your needs and offers superior functionality.