Top 5 Cryptocurrencies In December 2021!


Published on December 17th, 2021

From Meme coins to stable coins, the cryptocurrency industry is quite diverse. Digital currencies are of different types.

Proficient cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ether can transform cryptocurrency expeditions into an overwhelming venture.

Here listed are the top 5 digital currencies in December in 2021 based on the market cap. Visit the for more information on bitcoin trading

Bitcoin (BTC)!

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, everyone has heard about bitcoin. Bitcoin has made many people rich overnight. Click on this <<image>> to know how cryptocurrency trading works despite being the oldest with a few outdated technologies.

T is still supported by many financial organizations, MNCs and mainstream investors; some call it bitcoin Maximalism.

Bitcoin Maximalism is the ideology of seeing bitcoin as the first strong cryptocurrency. The coin market cap listed bitcoin as the number one currency based on its circulation and value.

The largest cryptocurrency, bitcoin, was trading at $68000 on the 10th of November. In 2015, bitcoin was trading at a value of $500.

In short, bitcoin has soared up by 11,400% over the past five years. The market cap of bitcoin is over $1 trillion.


Besides being a cryptocurrency, ethereum is also a special Launchpad or blockchain model. Ethereum is currently the favourite Launchpad or bright chain amongst decentralized application developers.

Moreover, Ethereum comprises a unique feature of smart contracts.

Many popular NFL games are using ethereum’s blockchain. Some popular NFT games that utilize the ethereum blockchain are Axie Infinity, Gods Unchained, and Plant vs Undead. The market cap of ethereum is $550 billion.

However, due to the higher gas fees of the ethereum bright chain, people are now shifting towards a binance innovative chain for developing decentralized apps and NFT play to earn games.

As a result, ether is classified as the second most successful digital currency as bitcoin remains the first.

Since its release, it has soared by 42000%. Ether is trading for $4500. Of course, Bitcoin’s market value impacts the market value of other altcoins as well.

However, ether is one of those tokens that manages to incline, even if bitcoin plunges.

Binance (BNB)

Binance, the world’s largest foreign exchange, has its binance coin token. At the initial phases, investors and traders could use binance to pay binance exchange fees.

However, now, you can use binance coins for almost every purpose.

You can exchange this digital coin with other profound digital currencies like ether and bitcoin. After the release of the binance exchange, the binance coin was trading at $0.5.

On the 10th of November, BNB was trading at $630. The market cap of binance coins is over $100 billion.

BNB has also shown remarkable growth as it has soared by 27,000. Binance bright chain is also acquiring traction, which has inclined the market value of binance coin.

Binance and Cardano are the only two bright chains that charge the lowest gas fees compared to any other bright chain.


Cryptocurrencies acquire a ton of criticism for their volatile nature. However, the rope falls under the category of a stable coin.

As the name suggests, the market value of rope is exceedingly stable compared to other digital currencies. The price of one rope is pegged at one USD. Tether tries to keep a similar value as the Dollar and Euro.

The stable nature of rope makes it an enticing investment asset amongst retail and vanilla investors who are mistrustful of the volatile characteristics of cryptocurrency.

Tether means a rope, and its market value is roped with a market value of one dollar in the international market. The market cap of this stable coin is over $70 billion.


Unlike other cryptocurrencies, Solana processes on a different technology of POS and POH. POS stands for proof of stakes, whereas POH stands for proof of history. Solana was created to empower the decentralized finance industry.

Solana helps a developer develop DeFi apps and consists of smart contracts. POH and POS ensure scalability and security of transactions on Solana.

Moreover, the mining of Solana consumes significantly less energy than mining bitcoin and ethereum as ether and bitcoin both work on proof of work.

The market value of SOL is nearly $250, and it has soared up by 26,500% over the last year.

These are the top 5 cryptocurrencies in December 2021, based on their market valuation, circulation and capitalization.