How To Design Your Canvas Gallery Wall


Published on August 27th, 2019

Gallery walls are an excellent way to bring character into any home or workspace. While the end product may appear seamless, the process of pulling together a well-designed wall is quite difficult.

Fear not, below you will find a step-by-step guide on how you can design your custom gallery wall!

1. Find The Perfect Wall Space.

Your canvas wall gallery will look great above the bed, near a fireplace, around windows and doors, above the crib in a nursery, near kitchen cabinets, and more.

Canvas prints are perfect for apartments and homes of any size, even small spaces as they beautify rooms without taking up space on the floor.

2. Select A Theme

wall theme

After picking up the right place for your canvas prints, you will need to select a theme for the wall. The artwork is what helps define your personality and your space.

And depending on where you will be decorating, there are a few simple tips that will help you choose easily:

  • The kitchen is one of the most commonly forgotten rooms in terms of artwork and often considered as the “heart of the home.” This is why you shouldn’t hesitate to incorporate art there. Spaces above cabinets or countertops are perfect homes for art. Choose smaller pieces that not overwhelming but complement the space. Here, you can use funny or more social prints to make you smile, and that will make mornings easier!
  • Bathrooms also get neglected with art. The artwork you choose should go with the style and vibe of the bathroom. If it is a master bath, for example, go with more calming or serene pieces. If it is a powder room on the main level, make sure you stick to bright and fun pieces. Keep in mind that bathroom art looks great in pairs. You can choose two different pieces that go with the same theme, or two of the same abstract piece with one flipped on its side. Solid places for these pieces would be over the bathtub, over the toilet, or the robe/ towel hooks.
  • The most fun room to decorate with canvas prints Canada, and most times, the most intimidating one, is the living room. Most of us feel pressure here since this is the room most of our guests will see and spend time in. Choosing the right pieces is a way to provoke conversation and set the vibe of the space. You can opt for a large gallery wall or for one large piece. Sometimes you need to think outside the frame. Don’t forget that you can print your favorite photos and design a gallery wall that tells your story!  Browse the Internet to make sure you find the best studio for canvas prints in Canada!
  • Your bedroom is a place for relaxation, a retreat, and the artwork should reflect that. The best walls for art in this room are directly over the bed or on the wall opposite the bed. The best prints for this room are abstract ones with soothing colors or tones. If you’re into photography, desaturated photos or landscapes work best.

3. Hang!

Hanging your artwork is the third and final step in creating your gallery wall masterpiece. Just make sure you measure twice and drill once!

Remember, this is your gallery wall for your space!

Have fun during the process and do not hesitate to rotate your pieces from time to time, as it’ll liven up the collage and give your guests something new to look at each time they visit!