More Than Protecting Fingers, Coffee Sleeves Are An Effective Marketing Tool

coffee sleeves

August 22nd, 2019   |   Updated on March 4th, 2021

Initially known as a Java Jacket, coffee sleeves came into being after their inventor, Jay Sorensen, burnt his fingers while holding a steaming cup of coffee on the go.

Right from its initial purpose to protect the fingers of coffee enthusiasts, and eventually, to protect coffee shops from legal suits, this humble invention has come a long way.

Today, coffee sleeves can do more than just protect your fingers. They can boost your sales by advertising your business in an interesting way.

If you think that coffee sleeves advertising only works for businesses that sell coffee, you’re mistaken. By customizing the coffee sleeves, your marketing team can create designs and phrases that draw attention to your brand.

Hot Shot Coffee Sleeves, a company that offers customized coffee sleeve printing services, has created millions of cup wraps for all types of industries. This indicates that advertising on coffee sleeves is a practical approach.

Why Use Coffee Sleeves?

coffee sleeves

Below are some of the many reasons that show how coffee sleeves can help market your business in ways that other marketing strategies cannot provide:

1. Brand Exposure

People who take their coffee on-the-go are usually working in an office or meeting other people. Therefore, other people can see your advertisement as well.

Essentially, every person who buys a coffee from your partner coffee house serves as your company’s mobile billboard.

Now imagine how many people buy coffee every day, and then multiply that by the number of people they interact with. All of them are exposed to your advertisement.

2. Incredible Reach

coffee sleeves

Apart from the potential exposure of your advertisement from those who directly hold the cups and the people around them, your ad can reach even more people through social media.

Ensuring that your design is unique and your phrase is catchy, you will have a better chance of seeing them on social media platforms.

If you are fortunate, a social media influencer may even take notice, and when this happens, your brand will automatically be seen by millions of people. You can learn more about foolproof ways to write the best influencer outreach email on Trend.

The key is to make your coffee sleeve “instagrammable.” Your printing partner must have the capability to transform your creative vision into reality like the capacity of Hot Shot Coffee Sleeves printing services.

Otherwise, how can you create a noteworthy advertisement when the colors and graphics are not on point?

3. Cost-Effective

coffee sleeves

You may have to spend tens of thousands of dollars for a single billboard posting in a month. However, letting your printing partner handle the job can help you print tens of thousands of coffee sleeves for various coffee shops in multiple locations.

Imagine how many people can be reached by the exposure of tens of thousands of coffee cups with your custom sleeves compared to a single billboard.

You can also include coupons on the sleeve to encourage customers to pay attention to your brand.


With the right strategy, design, and distribution approach, using coffee sleeves can do a lot to help your business move forward.

While this strategy may not instantly bring the massive sales that you want, it can at least help in creating brand awareness.