All You Need To Know About Face Stone Rollers

Face Stone Rollers

Published on November 5th, 2019

We have heard all sorts of things about crystals. From bringing good luck to finding true love, crystals have held an esteemed position in every aspect since the very beginning.

The use of crystals has significantly evolved from being used as paperweights to a tool for meditating. The evolution continues, and today, these crystals have made their way in the cosmetic industry, specifically in the skincare sector.

1. Face Stone Rollers – A Trend In Skincare


Face stone rollers are a back-to-basics skincare device that is gaining rapid popularity all around the world. As consumers are now shying away from chemical-infused skincare products, the beauty industry has begun impropriating natural and organic skincare solutions, face stone rollers being one of them.

Jade is the most commonly used stone in face stone rollers, but there are facial crystal rollers that use rise quartz and amethyst as well. These rollers are not just visually pleasing, but even boast amazing benefits for the skin.

It is a beauty tool that has a smooth, polished, and rounded crystal attached to one end. Some facial rollers have stones attached to both ends. The long oval-shaped stone is for cheeks, forehead, and chin, while the smaller one is for eyes, under-eyes, and nose.

2. Ways Face Stone Rollers Are Benefiting Us

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You might want to ask yourself a question, “Is face stone roller just another short-term trend, or do I really need to invest in it?”

Well, to be honest, these facial rollers are doing wonders for people who are trying to achieve flawless skin.

3. Minimizing Puffiness

Puffy skin, especially under-eye, is common among women. Hormonal changes, disturbed sleep cycles, and high salt consumption are the causes of puffiness in your skin. Even crying is a contributing factor. The scientific explanation for puffiness in the skin is dilated blood vessels and trapped fluid within the superficial layers of skin.

With a face stone roller, you can milk the excess fluid out of the skin, which as a result, minimizes skin puffiness.

4. Reduce Eye Bags

Eye bags can significantly deteriorate one’s appearance. These eye bags begin to appear as a result of lack of sleep, makeup irritation, allergies, and aggressive rubbing of eyes. You can use a face stone roller to massage the eye bags and remove the fluid trapped between layers of skin.

5. Relaxed Facial Muscles

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A face with relaxed muscles looks much more youthful and attractive than a face with tensed muscles. You can gently massage your skin using the facial crystal roller by Alana Mitchell to relax your facial muscles and restore a youthful look. These anti-aging abilities of these rollers are worth the praise.

6. Improved Product Penetration

Using the facial stone roller on the skin after application of a skincare product such as the Alana Mitchell Foaming Pumpkin Cleanser will aid in an improved penetration.

If you want to achieve the best results of using a skincare product, you must make it a habit to use a face stone roller as soon as you apply the product on your skin.

7. Using A Face Stone Roller

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It is vital to understand that a face stone roller will only work if it used in the right manner. Here is a step-by-step guide that will help you adopt the right approach to using a facial crystal roller.

Step 1  Wash Your Face

Before you start using the roller, make sure you wash your face.

Step 2  Moisturize

Make sure you use a moisturizer on your skin before using the roller. Not doing so might bruise your skin.

Step 3  Start Rolling

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When using a face stone roller, start with the bottom of the face. The perfect starting spot is the center of the chin.

Roll it upwards and outwards across the jaw to towards the ear and then towards the cheek. Place the roller adjacent to your nose and roll outwards towards the cheek and to the ear.

The Bottom Line

Face stone rollers have been around since the 17th century. However, these beauty tools did not gain popularity in the skincare routine up till now. Using the roller is definitely not a necessity, but it can really enhance the results of your skincare routine.