Winsome And Cozy Family Living Room Ideas

Living Room Ideas

Published on October 15th, 2019

The living room is not just the center of the social of a typical family but it is the very soul of any residential object. Without, a house or an apartment could hardly be called a home. That’s why its decor should be winsome and cozy to make every family member feel comfortable and loved.

You don’t always have the possibility to renovate, but there are still some small tricks that can help. There are many possible interior designs but we wish to share with you only the top 7 ideas on how to redecorate your living room in a charming manner.

1. Easy Access To The Seating Area

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In general, a living room should be accessible to everyone and should contain lots of free space. If one starts navigating through the living room, going around the coffee table and the ottoman, there’s something wrong design-wise.

The most important part of the living room is the seating area comprised of the sofa and armchairs.

They should not be placed too close to each other and more importantly, the table should be far enough to allow for easy access.

This is especially important for children and the elderly who might not be able to run a slalom just so they could approach the sofa to sit.

2. As Soft As It Gets

Another important segment of living room décor are the fabrics. Here, a simple rule applies: the softer, the better.

The list of cozy and fuzzy fabrics is endless: plush rugs, velvet furniture upholstery, floor cushions, etc.

Basically, wherever you see a surface that could use a soft fabric, go for it and “soften” it, sort to say. Even wall art can be decorated with a cotton frame!

3. Custom Design

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You would probably tell off your child if you saw him/her drawing something on the living room wall. However, they might be onto something as adding a custom element to interior design is highly sought after.

Try to make at least one interior décor element personalized per family member. The most obvious solution is to reupholster the armchair or at least the pillows.

As far as the children are concerned, drawing on the walls might be slightly over the edge but getting them a whiteboard for them to write on is a viable décor solution. After all, they are equal members of the family, right?

4. A Warm, Indoor Winter

The period of the year when coziness matters the most is winter. This is the time when the whole family gets together in the living room to share stories and in general to spend time next to one another.

In order for the family gathering to be successful, the hearth (a modern one, powered by electricity) should be hot and the home warm on the inside.

Use a steel security bolt lock to secure the windows so they wouldn’t let cold air inside. Caulking the windows and locking them tight will help you preserve not only energy but the family spirit as well.

5. Decluttering

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Although children are going to play in the living room, different rules apply here that in their room upstairs. Toys shouldn’t be left all over the floor but place in the toy box after playtime is over.

Adults are not exempt from this rule as well, as the clutter they normally leave behind has no place, pun intended, inside the living room.

The best way to combat the recursive nature of clutter is to assign a place for each individual item in the house. The magazines would go in a separate rack, the remote would have a separate place on the shelf, and the keys can be hanged from a peg.

6. Better Air Quality

The air everyone breathes in the living room should be rich in O2. This is achieved either by opening the windows every day to let fresh air inside or by installing an air ventilation system that would circulate fresh air throughout the entire room.

An alternative to the AC unit during the hot summer days is a ceiling fan. Air quality is really an issue for the whole family since the last thing you want to see are your children coughing because of all the dust and fungi in the air.

7. Introducing Plant Life

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Another method to pump fresh air in the living room is the introduction of plant life. Apart from this benefit, greenery will decorate your living room and you could use it as a laboratory to teach your children about responsibility.

Show them how to water the bonsai tree properly and then and assign them with the task of watering the plants regularly. When they are out on a field trip, the eldest members of the family can take care of nurturing the pants. This way, living room houseplants will bring together the whole family.

A winsome and cozy family home is rather easy to create. You don’t need a lot of money (potted plants are really inexpensive), because the main ingredient for a home full of love is hard work and perseverance.

From sealing the windows, all the way to decluttering, there are numerous ideas on how to create a cheerful living room that all family members will adore spending time in.