What To Look For In A Quality Fantasy Cricket Game

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October 16th, 2019   |   Updated on June 29th, 2022

Off late fantasy games have found a strong audience among the people who have a passion for gaming. More so for the cricket fan platforms like Dream11 is their chance to play the game with a team of their choice.

The rules of fantasy cricket game are fairly easy to grasp and this feeds their frenzy and helps them win some easy cash.

With gaming acumen and the ability to strategize many gamers have explored these fantasy platforms and played competitive games as well. If you are looking for a fantasy cricket game here is what you need to look for.

1. Functionality

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First and foremost the working of the application should be such that you are able to grasp how things work.

If things are unclear then you cannot hope to be able to play in the manner you want to. Signing up procedure should be such that you can use your social media credentials to join in.

As the working of these games is usually different from regular games the player should be able to comprehend them in order to make right choices.

2. Contests

Ideally, the apps in this particular field offer multiple contests that keep the interests of participants awakened. You must find if the app you are looking at has any such contest updated. Here it is also crucial that the contest should be such that it is achievable.

If they are asking you to attain targets that are totally impossible to do then maybe this is not the right platform for you.

3. Number Of Users

The total number of users of a particular game is an indication of its popularity. In fact, it also indicates the ease of usage and how focussed the game platform is in making it an enjoyable experience. When you look for online reviews of such an app you should get mostly positive responses.

Most of such fantasy cricket game platforms show you the figures of how many people are playing with them at that moment. Just by seeing the same you can get an idea about the kind of response the app has received.

4. Licensed And Legal

Fantasy sport has really picked up however the government’s rules are still applicable to it. In case the platform you are looking at is not fulfilling the mandatory procedures then it could be closed any time leading to a loss of earnings for you. It is always advisable to look for details of the same.

The application would have its privacy policy and rules mentioned. Only after you are sure that they have completed all kinds of procedures you should proceed with making an account.

5. Payment Terms

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Generally, all fantasy sports platforms require a payment or deposit that you need to make. It is always better to find out whether their payment getaway is safe or not. You would not want any hacker to make way into your account using the credentials mentioned on the app.

Apart from that when it comes to withdrawing you would want a platform that gives instant or quick payments instead of making you wait for a long time. Start by finding their withdrawal terms and if there are delayed payments no point joining in.

6. Invite And Earn

The fantasy cricket platform you associate may have a referral system in place. Under this section the maximum number of gamers joining under you would get you money too.

This policy is incorporated to get more players and if you are able to convince your friends to join under you it means a good amount of money for you. However, there might be different levels of earning and you should try and find how the same works.


Apart from the above features, a quality fantasy cricket gaming platform has multiple other benefits like GPS location tracking, reminder system, notifications, and real-time analytics. You must analyze them and see which according to you qualifies as a suitable platform to vent your gaming passions.

If there is more than one option to choose from ideally you should select one that fulfills all the requirements that have been mentioned above. If there are other benefits that you find then they would be an extra bonus for you. Playing safe is very important in this case and you must not forget that at any point in time.