11 Health Benefits Of Kayaking That Will Make You Greek Gods

Kayaking Health Benefits

January 11th, 2021   |   Updated on June 29th, 2022

Aerobic exercise like kayaking has never been more important than today because of the rise of smart devices. And you might agree that you can have more fun when you are out kayaking in fresh water than sitting in the dorm playing indoor games.

That’s why you are here. You not only want to have fun kayaking but get fit like ancient The Greek Gods. Are you ready to be divinely healthy? Let’s kayak in!

Practically Surprising Health Benefits of Kayaking

Kayaking gets you outdoors to get you sniff the fresh breeze and hear the relaxing sound of water. Let’s explore what health benefits you can get from it.

1. Get Your Ideal Body Weight

Our claim about making you a Greek god wasn’t a joke in any sense. Kayaking actually helps you to shed your unwanted weight. And this might not be surprising for you if you are already kayaking.

Burn 500 calories per hour if you paddle at an average rate of 5mph. It’s less than running but kayaking is a lot more fun than being on a treadmill. Isn’t it it? Also, it involves fresh air and more muscle movement.

The entire body moves when you do kayaking, toning it naturally. It will surely help you get an ideal body weight without a doubt.

2. Enjoy The Benefits of Vitamin D

Kayaking itself doesn’t provide you with all the vitamin D you need. Sunlight does. But for kayaking, you need to go out there under the sun. Vitamin D is really important. It boosts your immune system, brain development, and heart functionality.

We usually get it from cheese, beef liver, and fatty fish. But you don’t want to get extra fat for that. Or do you? That’s where kayaking gets in. It helps you bask in the sun, allowing your body to make vitamin D for you.

3. Empower Your Heart Out

Kayaking is an aerobic sport. It means you will enjoy the benefits of cardiac exercise needed to empower your heart. The aerobic sport strengthens your heart muscles and improves the blood pumping.

You get efficient blood circulation helping you get more red cells. Kayaking boosts your heart rate as well. The brisk movements allow you to enjoy a better heart health. If you do it consistently, you will enjoy a wonderfully healthy heart.

4. Boost Your Endurance Level


Greek gods had a terrific endurance level. They could withstand extended time of effort without giving a damn. Performing better in jobs, businesses, and other activities of life will be the result you can expect from kayaking.

You can also improve your stamina significantly by kayaking. .It’s not too intense, not too slow exercise that increases your energy levels to a commendable extent. You don’t really need an energy booster having tons of chemicals to do so.

5. Strengthen Your Muscles

Many people assume that paddling in a kayak only stretches your arms. But if you have the least idea of what kayaking is, you easily believe that it needs core muscle movements. From your abdomen to your lower back, it involves each of your body parts during the workout.

In every stroke, you shake your entire body. The result? You will of course enjoy powerful muscles. Explore various types of kayaks to heap maximum benefits of kayaking and move each of your muscles rightly.

6. Tone Your Legs Like Greek Gods

Kayaking has commendable benefits on your arms, shoulders, and upper back. But that’s not all. You will heap the benefits of kayaking for your legs as well.

Tone your legs like a Greek god while you are on a kayak. Your legs apply pressure to keep you balanced. And you are also trying to tighten and loosen your muscles with your legs, of course.

It happens countless times. That’s why we believe you will have well-toned legs without a doubt.

7. Get Stress-Free


Kayaking makes you stress-free, ultimately making you healthier. But how is it possible? Well, kayaking is an outdoor activity. And it gets you out of your dorms and enjoys the benefits of fresh air and physical activity.

If you feel stress of any kind, get rid of your boring routine and start kayaking right away. Clear environment, fresh air, and relaxing sound of water make you forget the life chores of life.

8. Bring the Happiness Back

Forgetting happiness is inevitable in life. But bringing it back in your life is also possible. Seven out of ten adults in the US say that they experience anxiety daily, according to an ADAA survey.

But it’s a fact that physical activities like kayaking reduce stress and spreads happiness. If you get rid of the daily fatigue, you become more happy and healthy. That’s why we believe you should do kayaking at-least once a week.

9. Improve Your Mental Health

When you do kayaking, neurotransmitters like dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin release in your brain. How are they helpful? Well, they improve your focus and attention, uplifting your overall mental health.

When you take breaks like kayaking, you have a better change of doing your life activities better. Do you want to finish the pending project? Or do you want to make more money this week?

All these things are possible only when you have a sound mental health. And the solution isn’t rocket science. Do the kayaking and rock!

10. Uplift Your Sleep Quality

When you do a commendable activity like kayaking, you always have better sleep according to Hopkins Medicine. Recent research done at the institute also suggests that physical exercise like kayaking helps cure insomnia.

The effects of aerobics are like those of sleeping pills. What happens, actually? Well, kayaking increases your body temperature. And when it reaches back to its normal range, you become sleepy and relaxed. That’s how kayaking uplifts your sleep quality.

11. Have Good Looking Arms & Firm Abs

The most difficult muscle group to work out is that of abs. It takes a lot of effort and time to have nice looking arms and firm abs. But if you do kayaking, you will look like The Greek Gods because of the eye-catchy arms.

But why? It’s because kayaking helps you move your muscles naturally The rotational movement in your core muscles will take you to a kayaking event or in the Olympics as well.


Health Benefits Of Kayaking

Kayaking offers great physical activity, commendable looks, and breath-taking views. You are not only immersed but also get fit like never.

Low-impact movements such as paddling improve joint health and boosts muscle strength. Aerobic exercise like kayaking also strengthens your arms, chest, legs, and brain.

Daily kayaking of 30 minutes will take you on a journey of awe-inspiring health and stars-sparkling fun. What particular health benefit of kayaking do you like the most? Let us know in the comments in the below.

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