Clean And Safe Health Boosters For Your Newborn

Health Boosters For Your Newborn

May 31st, 2021   |   Updated on June 25th, 2022

When baby comes into the world, one of the most important aspects of its care is looking out for their health. The best way to do this by being mindful of the baby’s developing immune system. You want to help it buildup naturally along with an increasing resistance to general germs and other viruses.

But, you want to avoid using any harsh chemicals or having your child ingest other ingredients that could later create health issues. So, it’s important to ensure everything you give a newborn is clean, pure and easy to digest.

Mother’s Milk

Breast milk is the creme de la creme for your baby. It’s full of everything your child needs to fight off pathogens along with providing vitamins, minerals and nutrients it cannot get from food alone. Breastfeeding mothers should sparingly take supplements like probiotics, vitamin C and vitamin D to help this.

Breast milk is a fragile thing for babies, so it should be free of toxins, nicotine, alcohol and other drugs that would be harmful for a baby to digest under normal circumstances. Plus, these things will not contribute to the life-long health and happiness of your child.


Along with the mother, the baby should consume clean probiotics for infants. There are many brands out there offering such things that are safe and effective with pure ingredients, like Genexa and Similasan. These help boot immunity and promote healthy digestion.

Supplements ; Nutrition

Of course, you can give an infant some supplements and ensure they get a well-balanced diet, even if they are still feeding from a bottle. Getting baby some sunshine will always help build up vitamin D, a sure viral killer. Also, elderberry, vitamin C, Echinacea, and zinc are all good things to look for in a formula.

Diet is always the best way to fight germs and build immunity. Avoid giving your child processed foods filled with chemicals, toxins, sugars and dyes. Things like high fructose corn syrup and potassium chloride should not be part of your child’s nutrient intake.

When more solid foods can come into the mix, include things like garlic, citrus, broccoli, ginger, spinach, yogurt and mushrooms. These are are famous for fighting off almost any disease, including cancer and heart disease.

Avoid Antibiotics

Antibiotics can inhibit the healthy development of an infant’s immune system. This includes what comes from mother’s milk. Of course, as the child ages, you may want an antibiotic for certain flu and viral experiences. But these should be rare and sparing. Too many antibiotics too frequently will create a breakdown in a child’s future ability to fight off infections.

Boosting Infant Immunity

When your newborn comes into the world, the most important thing is its health. This is why you must take concerted steps to safeguard it, which includes giving boosters. Not only is mother’s milk on the top of that list, but you can also provide supplements, vitamins, minerals and nutrients amid a well-balanced diet.