5 Benefits Of Using Induction Hobs In Your Kitchen

Hobs In Your Kitchen

October 24th, 2019   |   Updated on January 15th, 2020

Thinking of taking your kitchen to the next level?

There are plenty of things that today’s homeowners can do to transform a kitchen, from changing the cabinets to installing new technology.

However, one of the easiest ways to update your cooking experience has to be investing in a new hob.

If you’re looking for a cooking solution that delivers speed, safety, and performance in one neat package, the induction hob could be the ultimate investment for you.

Perfect for everything from fast dinners when you’re exhausted after work, to culinary experiments, induction hobs are quickly gaining popularity across the globe.

Here are just 5 of the benefits that you could experience if you are adding a set of induction hobs to your home.

1. Better Safety

kitchen safe

The kitchen is one of the most dangerous places in the home – in part because there’s so much risk involved when it comes to cooking.

A stray flame from a gas hob or a spark from an electric cooker can easily cause a catastrophe. However, with an induction hob, you can take the dangers of cooking right down to a minimum.

Induction hobs are designed to be the modern solution to all previous cookware problems – including grease fires and over-heated stoves.

The heat created by an induction hob is established within the pan itself, which means that as soon as you switch your hobs off, your entire stove starts to cool down.

This makes it a lot harder for you to cause accidental fires or burn yourself when you’re preparing a feast.

2. Faster Cooking

faster Cookin

Great food isn’t always about speed, but it’s fair to say that we’re all living pretty rushed lives these days.

An induction hob allows you to create your favorite meals faster, so you can enjoy more time eating with your family and less time sweating over the stove.

While gas and electric cooktops use slower middle-men processes to transfer heat into a pan, induction cooktops are faster as they generate heat within the pan itself.

As it uses electromagnetic activity, your pan is heated directly. This means that it takes a lot less time for your food to heat up and can reduce your cooking time by anywhere up to 50%.

3. Energy Efficiency

Induction cooking can also save you a lot of money on your energy bills. When you think about it, a gas flame release a lot of excess heat around the pan and into your kitchen.

Additionally, an electric burner pushes radiant heat out at multiple points at once. This means that you generate a lot of energy, even if you’re only using a portion of it for your cooking.

With an induction hob, you focus more on creating the heat within your actual pan, so that you can reduce the amount of energy lost into the space around you.

Not only will you save on energy this way, but you’ll also have a healthier cooking environment that’s much more comfortable to stand in. You probably won’t even sweat as much when you’re cooking.

4. Cooking Control

cooking control

If you love to cook, then you’re going to need induction hobs. Control is one of the most important elements of great cooking and is the reason why chefs prefer to use gas hobs over electric.

They believe that gas is generally more responsive when adjusting the temperature dial.

Induction hobs are just as responsive when it comes to maintaining control over your temperatures. You’ll even have more settings to choose from if you choose to have an induction cooker.

This means that you can get excellent, high-precision cooking every time you use it. No matter what you want to create in your kitchen, your induction hobs will help you do it.

5. Easy Cleaning

kitchen clean

We all love quick and easy cooking – but quick and easy cleaning is even better.

Cleaning up after a cooking session when you’re using a standard gas or electric hob is often an exhausting and time-consuming process.

There are so many different elements to work around that you could end up scrubbing for a lot longer than you had hoped.

However, with an induction cooktop, you can simply wipe over the surface with a sponge or cloth and be done in a matter of seconds.

What’s more, because induction cooktops don’t get as hot as their counterparts, you’re less likely to clean off burnt food from spills.