How To Become A Holistic Dentist In The USA

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September 24th, 2019   |   Updated on March 5th, 2020

Your mouth is the gateway to your health. As a student of medical dentistry, understanding how oral health affects the overall well being of patients is the key to promoting effective treatment.

This is why you should strive to become a holistic dentist. You can read more about holistic dentistry by visiting

What Is Holistic Dentistry?

Holistic dentistry involves educating patients on the importance of whole-body health and how dentistry plays a key role in the well being of a patient.

As a holistic doctor, your major role in a patient’s life will be to care for their teeth while looking at their entire lifestyle, mental, emotional and dietary needs. Holistic dentists also avoid the use of mercury and embrace less invasive restorative materials.

Here’s how you can become a holistic dentist in the USA

1. Attend An Accredited Dental School

In order to pursue holistic dentistry in the USA, you first need to complete dental training in a reputable university just like every other conventional dentist.

Enroll in a bachelor’s degree program, take the dental admission test and earn a dental degree. Once you have graduated, you must obtain state licensure before you begin your practice.

You will be required to pass the National Board Dental Examination before getting your license. Some states may also require you to complete a course in first aid or CPR before handing you your dentistry license.

2. Learn Holistic Approaches To Dentistry

Once you have become a licensed dentist in the USA, you can proceed to learn holistic approaches in dentistry. There are several therapies you can adopt for pain management.

These are; acupuncture, hypnotherapy, and craniosacral therapy. You can also choose to substitute the harsh chemicals used in traditional dentistry with healthier options such as oil pulling.

There are various schools in the USA that can help you become a great holistic dentist. Be sure to join one so that you can get the right certification and license needed to practice holistic dentistry.

3. Practice Within Standard Care

Handle Your Wisdom Teeth Issues

In your path to becoming a holistic dentist, you will need to learn how to deal with questions from patients concerning the issue of amalgams and mercury removal.

You will also need to explain to patients how restorative dentistry and nontoxic dental treatment can improve whole-body health in your patients.

In your practice, remember to use standard care and only employ methods that have been researched and have substantial evidence. Look for reputable sources and do your research before recommending any treatment to your patient.

4. Build Healthy Relationships With Your Patients

If you want to become the best holistic dentist in America and have incredibly long waiting lists at your clinic, then you need to work on building healthy relationships with your patients.

As a holistic dentist, your ultimate goal is to see patients leave with healthy smiles and an improvement in overall body health.

One thing you should always remember as a holistic dentist is that your patients will judge you by the way you talk to them. Practice effective communication to ensure patient satisfaction and reduce customer complaints.

When your patients are happy they will also recommend you to their family and friends and this will enhance the image of your practice.

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