How To Choose Hairstyles For Different Face Shapes

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January 17th, 2020   |   Updated on September 9th, 2021

We all have that favourite hairstyle that makes us feel on top of the world, but have you ever paused to consider if that hairstyle suits the shape of your face? Most people do not realise how much a difference a well-fitting hairstyle can make to their overall appearance.

Imagine wearing cute but ill-fitting clothes that should give you a picture of what the wrong hairstyle looks like. Wavy hair, long hair, short hair, bangs or pony style should be carefully considered to match face shapes before wearing.

Below are the various face shapes and hairstyles that suit them best:

1. Hairstyles For Oval-Shape Face

Oval faces are one of the most flexible face shapes and can pull off several hairstyles, count yourself lucky if you fall under this category. Although most hairstyles look good on oval faces, some are by far more flattering than others.

How do you identify an oval face?

Oval faces are quite similar to round faces because of the softer jawline present in both. The definitive difference between the two is that oval faces are longer length, i.e., the distance between the forehead and the chin should be longer than the gap between the ears.

The most stunning impactful hairstyles for oval faces include long locs and cute short crops. For those with short hair, a blunt bob/lob with soft layers looks incredibly chic.

Long hairstyles that suit oval faces must have minimal layers, weaves and curls are also recommended to prevent the hair from dragging down the face.

2. Hairstyles For Round Faces

Round faces are easily identifiable by the similarity in length and width; they also feature well defined and rounded cheeks.

With these features considered, the most suitable hairstyles for round-faced women are those that bring in a touch of shape and definition.

Two hairstyles that particularly look stunning on this group are choppy pixie cuts and long layered cuts. If you prefer layered styles, opt for a long and staggered layer that begins close to the jawline.

You can create the impression of a longer face by adding short side fringes that stop at the eyes.

Now, you’re probably wondering what hairstyles round-faced people should avoid, top on the list are bobs, short layered single-length cuts (these balloon around your face and give off an awkward look).

3. Hairstyles For Heart-Shaped Faces

Heart-shaped faces typically feature a bond structure with a broad forehead and cheekbones, then gradual slimming downwards into a narrow jawline and chin.

A right hairstyle for this category should seek to make the face shape appear more even by decreasing brow width and increasing the width of the lower face.

A good hairstyle that achieves this is an extended side-swept cut which will disguise part of the forehead and simultaneously pull attention to the lower face.

This cut can also be combined with waves or curls that start below the ear, and this evens out the jawline.

Another stunning style for heart-shaped faces is a side-parted pixie cut tear has textured ends. Bobs and lobs also look great since they add an element of fullness to jaws.

4. Rectangular-Shaped Face

Women with this face shape should prioritise hairstyles that soften these sharp appearances without elongating the face more.

Soft layered cuts are incredible in enhancing cheekbones and disguising the corners around the face. Particular care should be taken to avoid very long hairstyles; these can make a face appear even longer.

Along hairstyles should only be considered if they are styles with blowouts, waves and curls, these will add horizontal padding and give the sharp edges a softer appearance.

When going for updos, soft and gentle chignons should be picked over high buns. High buns will add further length that will end up making the strong jaw more pronounced.

Bangs with soft and rounded fringes or curtain bangs will always look better on rectangular faces than square or blunt-cut options.

5. Square-Shaped Face

Square-shaped faces are one of the easiest to identify; they are characterised by a broad forehead, wide cheekbones and a well defined strong jawline.

Women with this face shape should focus on hairstyles that soften these sharp features, much like those with rectangular-shape faces.

Side parted styles will disperse the squareness and complement the bond structure to produce stunning results.

Hairstyles with long and airy layers can also considerably soften the square look and even out the sharp angles on the face. For those in this category who fancy cropped length, a short layered bob is a fantastic look to try on.

The bob can be further improved by adding side-swept bangs to highlight the cheekbones instead of the jawline.

6. Diamond-Shaped Faces

This type of shape face is an angular face, but with a narrow forehead and jawline, the cheekbones are also positioned at the widest points of the face.

The focus for ladies with this face-shape should be to soften the sharp angles and even out the cheekbones.

Medium or long layered hairstyles offer a softer look, especially when combined with tousled waves and deep parting at the side.

Another way of widening the appearance of the jaw is to wear bob that stops at the level of your chin. Ponytails can also emphasise the well-defined cheekbones while simultaneously giving the forehead a fuller appearance.

Below is a summary of the hairstyles that are best for the various face shapes:

  • Rectangles-shaped faces: Layered styles, waves or curls, soft and gentle chignons, round fringes and curtain bangs
  • Oval-shaped faces: Blunt bobs with unpronounced layers and long waves or curls
  • Square-shaped faces: Side-parted styles, long and airy layers and side-swept bangs
  • Heart-shaped face: Long side-swept styles, waves or curls that begin below the ear line, side-parted pixies, bobs and lobs
  • Diamond-shaped face: Ponytails, Medium or long layered cuts combined with tousled waves, deep parts in the side and bobs (chin length)
  • Round-shaped face: Long layered styles, pixie cuts and short side bangs