How To Choose Your Wedding Ring Set For A Special Bridal Stack?

Published on April 27th, 2022

A wedding ring holds primary importance in any wedding event. It symbolizes the commitment of one person to another. In other words, circles represent that you have been engaged or married to your significant other.

Since people wear jewelry during weddings, ring exchange rituals have been around. To know more about why engagement rings are essential, please keep reading to learn more about it.

This article will discuss everything you need to know to make a unique bridal stack.

Wedding Ring

A unique wedding ring set makes your diamond ring stand out.

Things You Need To Know About Wedding Ring Set

Wedding ring sets are very trendy these days amongst almost all brides. The stacking procedure helps enhance the focus of the main engagement ring. Besides that, layering rings will also provide you with the option of endless styling. Read on to know more about a wedding ring set.

1. Why Would You Choose to Buy a Wedding Ring Set?

Purchasing a wedding ring set is far better than a single piece. Layering up multiple rings on one finger will not only enhance your look but will also stand out. It is probably the most incredible way to show your style and set exclusive fashion standards. You can always stack and combine personalised rings according to your taste.

Wedding ring sets are also beneficial in many ways. They are:

Fantastic Look

During Ancient Roman times, people followed the fashion of stacking rings. It is because the ring finger contains the “vein of love” that is directed towards the heart of your love. Besides, when all the glitters are stacked together, it shines better together.

Wide Varieties

When you go to a jewellery shop, you may come across many rings to choose a perfect one for your wedding event. Choosing the right one for your big day becomes challenging as you like many of them. It’s the happy trouble for every bride-to-be. So that is a plus point as you get a wide variety of choices and can purchase all of them together.


Ring sets are very convenient as you don’t need to choose which one to wear. You can stack all of them at once and flaunt them together.


We all know that the price automatically drops whenever we purchase things in bulk. So when you are buying many rings together, you can save on your budget.


You can choose different rings to go with your wedding ring to make it special.

2. How To Wear The Wedding And Engagement Rings Properly?

Traditionally all of us wear our wedding rings on our ring fingers. So while you choose to stack your wedding rings, make sure you are doing it in the correct order. Even though it can be styled in various ways, following the correct order will enhance your personality.

So before you head over to stack your rings, make sure the engagement ring sits on the top. After that, you need to place your wedding ring. Following this, you can stack the other rings you choose to wear. However, there is no right or wrong way of stacking them. As long as you can bend and move your fingers comfortably, you have the freedom of stacking them however you want.

3. Things To Consider While Choosing The Perfect Wedding Ring Set

You need to consider a few things before choosing the perfect wedding ring set. They are:

  • Make sure that the shapes of your engagement and wedding ring match. Check whether there is any friction when placed together. If so, choose a different ring; otherwise, your rings might get damaged when stacked together.
  • See whether the metals are durable and do not oxidize. You can also opt for precious metals like gold, platinum, or silver.
  • Compare and contrast your engagement and wedding ring to see whether they complement one another.

Know About The Best Wedding Ring Set Designs

Whenever you choose wedding ring sets, make sure they are unique. Collated below are some of the best wedding ring set designs.

1. Choose The Right Cut And Color Of The Central Diamond

While you choose a wedding ring set for your big day, make sure at least one has a big diamond. Don’t go for regular ones. You can always choose a different cut and color of the center diamond of your ring.

You can choose a pear cut, princess cut, or cushion cut for the diamond. And also, select a fancy-colored diamond. It will make your ring unique and stand out from the rest.

2. Choose The Right Metal

Choosing the suitable metal for your ring set is very important. You will not want your rings to oxidize and wear off quickly. To avoid that, you can choose yellow gold, platinum, white gold, or rose gold.

3. Trendy Styles

Stacking wedding rings have become a trending style amongst many people. A few of the setting style designs for ring sets are – three stone, solitary, infinity twist, halo, nesting, etc.

Trendy Styles

You will be surprised by the combinations and unexpected pairings when trying different options.

Customize A Unique Bridal Set

If you are about to purchase a wedding ring set, make sure it is unique, just like the bride you are. You can choose a special design and add fancy colors that reflect your personality. Please take a look at some of the customized options for you.

1. Engraving Or Laser Inscription

You can permanently engrave or add laser inscriptions to the diamond of your rings. It is a way to express your everlasting love for your better half. You can add special dates, initials, or a special message for your love. This symbolizes the uniqueness of your relationship as well as your ring stack.

2. Customized Diamond

Adding customized lab-grown diamonds is another way to make your ring stack perfect and unique. Sunny EdenTM, the best jewelry maker in the US, has expertise in making diamonds from your hair. Imagine wearing something that has been curated entirely out of your hair. Isn’t that a particular move?

You can also check out Sunny EdenTM’s unique bridal collections from their website.

Customized Diamond

A stunning double halo round lab-grown diamond made from hair.

3. Custom And Design Yourself

If you have some designs, you can always customize them for your wedding. Go to the jeweler and show him the design that you want. We are sure your designs will be as unique and beautiful as you are.

Whenever you choose to stack your engagement ring, make sure you do it right. It will not only enhance all the bling that it holds. It will also set your fashion standards high and work as a big-time money saver.