Simple And Easy Ways On How To Clean Your Magnetic Bug Screen Perfectly

Clean Your Magnetic Bug Screen

September 14th, 2021   |   Updated on June 30th, 2022

Magnetic bug screens play an important role in protecting your house from pests and also boost the look of your home. However, despite the many benefits of a magnetic bug screen, it tends to get dirty over time and needs a deep clean.

This can be challenging if you don’t know the right way to clean your magnetic bug screen without damaging it. But the good news is that they are simple ways that can help you to easily clean it efficiently.

Here are simple and easy ways on how to clean your magnetic bug screen perfectly;

1. Remove The Screens

The first easy step to clean your magnetic bug screen is to remove the screens. Its screens are easy to work with because they are easy to remove. You just have to pull the screens from the corner and they will come out.

But you need to carefully remove the attached magnets that are responsible for tightening the grip and once you remove them, the glass will be retractable. More so, the magnets should have an indication that directs you on where to start removing them.

2. Clean The Magnetic Door Screens

If you are looking forward to cleaning the magnetic bug screen daily which is the best option, you don’t have to remove it every day. You can dust it off when it is still fixed using a clean and smooth cloth or a normal feather duster.

But if you think it needs a deep clean, you can remove the screens and wash them with clean water and soap. You can also use vinegar and clean off any stains that might have appeared on the screen and are affecting its appearance. Apply the vinegar on a clean cloth and wipe off the stain directly.

Then after afterward dry it up and fix it back. You need to ensure that you have fixed back the screens tightly not to fall off and break or get damaged.

Moreover, washing your magnetic bug screens twice a year is enough except if your neighborhood is dustier then you can clean it up more often.

3. Clean The Frames And Magnets

To deeply clean the frames and magnets of your magnetic bug screen door, you need to also remove them from the door completely. Then you have to use a clean and dry cloth to wipe them of any dirt or dust on them.

The cloth you use must also be soft to prevent hampering the magnet’s magnetism. You can regularly clean the frames and magnets in a given time period to prevent the accumulation of dust that can damage them.

More so, the good performance of the magnetic screen door depends on the contact of magnets so their surface needs to be regularly cleaned. You can also use a mild cleaning detergent to help you wipe away greasy buildup on the magnets.

Keep Your Magnetic Screen Door Clean

Boost the durability of your magnetic bug screen by cleaning it regularly following the above tips.