How To Get Hair Transplant in Turkey: Prices And Clinics Overview

How To Get Hair Transplant in Turkey

January 27th, 2021   |   Updated on April 13th, 2021

Turkey is one of the most sought-after places to do a hair transplant for patients living in Europe, the UAE, the USA, etc. who want to stop hair loss, restore its growth, correct hairline or make a beard bushy. The Turkish facilities set competitive prices and advanced service, so patients prefer having HT surgery in Turkey rather than in their places of residence.

In this article, you will find out what benefits you can experience in the Turkish hair transplant centers, which program to select, and how to arrange an intervention.

Benefits You Get Choosing Turkey

1. Low Prices

Not ready to pay a fortune for a hair transplant? Feel free to choose Turkey. For comparison, American clinics offer a procedure for up to $15,000, while Turkish facilities are ready to perform the same procedure for $2,200.

See a list of hair transplant prices in Turkish clinics to check the most profitable options. This is a major saving, especially because the insurance is not eligible to cover expenses related to a hair transplant.

2. Board-Certified Doctors

Medical tourists can be afraid that a low price is a sign of a lack of doctors’ experience or outdated hair transplant techniques applied. Turkish hair transplant technicians have vast experience — some of them have 1,000+ performed procedures at their account.

Among them are Dr. Mehmet Erdogan, Dr. Safiye Kurt, Dr. Koray Urgu, etc. TheTurkish specialists apply FUE hair transplant as their American colleges do. They also perform a female and afro hair transplant that requires a high qualification from a doctor due to the features of a hair structure.

3. Client-Oriented Approach

The clinics for hair transplant in Turkey are also well-known for their high level of service. Most centers are modern and well-equipped. However, their main advantage is in additional services provided for free. For example, airport pickup, hotel/hospital stay, escort interpreter. Such an approach allows patients to focus on an outcome of hair transplant surgery, not travel arrangements.

4. Clinics and Packages Overview

The clinics specialized in hair transplant in Turkey offer package prices for an operation. It means that a hair transplant cost contains not only the price for a procedure but some extra services such as hotel stay, airport pickup, etc.

This option significantly saves patients’ money. Below find the best hair transplant programs available in the leading Turkish clinics in 2020.

Consider the deals and choose the most appropriate one for you. Before making a choice, read reviews about each clinic and check out patient photos before and after a procedure.

5. Estetik International Clinic

The leading plastic surgery clinic in Istanbul, where a unique organic hair transplant is available. This is a mix of the FUE method with stem cell injections to boost hair follicle growth and skin healing. Estetik International specialists perform 3,000+ operations annually.

The price of HT is $2,450 and covers:

  • A procedure and all related consumables
  • An airport-hotel-airport transfer
  • Stay in a 5 star hotel
  • An interpreter (if necessary).

Adem&Havva Medical Center

The center offers one of the most profitable deals for a hair transplant in Istanbul. Customers from over 45 countries have already entrusted their appearance to this clinic.

The price is $1,660 and covers:

  • A procedure and all related consumables
  • PRP-injection after surgery to boost healing and improve the result
  • Accommodation in a 4-star hotel
  • Regular transfer from an airport
  • Lifetime guarantee for transplanted hair.

Istanbul Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center

The center has received the highest scores from patients — 4.9 out of 5 according to Bookimed’s info. About 5,000 hair transplants have been carried out here, and the number of procedures is increasing every year.

Patients from the UK, the USA, Lithuania, and others have already estimated the high level of the clinic’s service.

The price is $1,820-$2,050 and covers:

  • A procedure and all related consumables
  • PRP injection
  • Stay in a 4-star hotel
  • Transfer.

How to Arrange a Hair Transplant in Turkey?

Your steps to arrange a procedure overseas:

1. Pick a clinic carefully after reading reviews and general info.
2. Contact a clinic to schedule the date of your arrival.
3. Arrange your trip — buy tickets and book a hotel.

All these steps you can do by yourself or with Bookimed, a free platform for clinics’ searching worldwide. Bookimed has already assisted about 500,000 patients.

All you need is to submit a request on the website, and the Bookimed coordinator will provide info about each clinic, doctor, and all issues regarding financing.

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