How To Pick The Best Hairstyle For Your Face Shape

best hairstyle for your face

Published on April 15th, 2022

Your favorite celebrity might inspire you to get a particular hairstyle, but it may differ from your expectations. Why? Because you overlooked your face shape when it plays a significant role in determining the appropriate hairstyle for you.

While there are no restrictions to choosing one, and you can opt for any you feel comfortable in, not every style will complement your features.

Read on to know the most suitable hairstyles for your face shape and feel confident in what suits you naturally!

Know Your Face Shape!

Before picking a flattering hairstyle, it is imperative to determine your face shape. Fortunately, there’s no secret sauce to it. Here are a few quick tips for identifying your face formation.

Tie your hair in a ponytail and face the front camera of your smartphone. Now, click a photo and trace it out to see which shape it resembles.

You can also measure your face. Focus on your face length from forehead to chin. Also, determine the width of your jawline, cheekbones, and brows. This will help you identify your proportions.

Alternatively, take an online quiz to know the right answer.

Regardless of your face shape, a hairstyle blends well with your features. The key is to find the right one, however.

Best Hairstyles for Different Face Shapes

In all honesty, confidence is what it takes to rock your new hairstyle, but following expert advice ensures a style that enhances your angles.

Plus, if you’re incredibly conscious about your outlook – like most people – there’s no reason not to consider your features when picking the right hairstyle.

We’ve curated common face shapes and hairstyles to accentuate your features.

1. Square Face

Individuals with square faces feature a solid jawline, wide forehead, and prominent cheekbones. Some gorgeous celebrities, including Demi Moore and Angelina Jolie, have this face type.

The perfect hairstyle for your face type softens your features, giving a charming look. Typically, side-parted hair is a go-to style for square face people.

Besides that, long layers also cover your sharp angles while drawing more attention to your stunning jawline.

2. Oval Face

Oval-faced women are considered lucky. This face type gives a well-balanced outlook regardless of which hairstyle you pick. From long locks to short hair, you have plenty of options to choose from.

If short hair is your thing, a lob or bob haircut will do. However, for those who prefer long hair, curls or waves dragging down your face will give a perfectly chic look.

Generally, bangs are not a safe option for every face shape. But if you have an oval face, you can pull off a bold bang haircut with style.

Note that you can highlight your best features with bangs through a bun or a ponytail. Leaving hair on the forehead with a professional-looking ponytail is a style for every occasion.

If you aren’t sure how to style your hair, Glam Sprit’s recommendation for the best ponytails with bangs will help you out.

3. Long Face

A long face is somewhat similar to an oval face. It tends to be a bit wider and longer. When styling your hair, keep the hair volume towards your face side – not the middle. You can also opt for layers that start from your cheekbones.

Additionally, bangs will do too, but it would be perfect to keep them a bit horizontal. If you like curls, good news for you: fluffy curls give a bold look any long face-shaped woman would want to rock.

However, long straight hair without layers or curls is a huge no-no; it will make your face look even longer.

4. Heart-Shaped Face

Those with this face shape tend to have a broader forehead and a narrower chin and jawline. Therefore, going for a hairstyle that enhances your lower face width and reduces your brow width is the best thing to do.

For instance, a long sidecut will cover a part of your forehead while keeping all eyes on the lower part of your face. Alternatively, you should aim for curls or waves below your ear. This will make your angled jaw prominent.

Women with heart-shaped faces also pull off a bob haircut pretty well. As a rule of thumb, avoid adding volume to the crown; it’ll make your forehead unflattering.

5. Do What Feels Right

Reading through several hairstyles and face shapes might feel a bit too overwhelming. While these guidelines are compiled for your best interests, they are just recommendations. The secret to your looks lies in your confidence and attitude.

Of course, you do not want to go for a hairstyle that doesn’t make you feel like yourself.

So, if you believe you can pull off any hairstyle with your face shape, go for it!

Closing Notes

The good news is that the beauty industry is ever-evolving. There isn’t a hairstyle that you cannot rock with the right attitude and fearlessness.

Nonetheless, if you prefer to “go by the rules,” our suggestions will help.