4 Things You Need To Know About Medical Spas

Medical Spas

September 3rd, 2021   |   Updated on June 27th, 2022

With health and wellbeing at the forefront of people’s minds these days, we’re seeing different types of spas opening up. One of them is medical spas. When people think of spas, they usually think of relaxation, which is why medical spas might seem confusing to them.

However, medical spas could be exactly what you need, and they give you benefits way beyond what you’d get at a regular spa. Let’s take a closer look at what medical spas are exactly and how they can help.

What’s The Difference Between A Medical Spa And A Traditional One?

The main differences between a medical spa and a regular spa are the nature of the services being offered and the qualifications of the people dispensing them. Medical spas need to either be affiliated with, overseen, or managed by a healthcare professional.

These will often be doctors or dermatologists, but many cosmetic surgeons offer a variety of procedures in addition to having a medical spa service.

Note that not all procedures will be performed by a medical professional, but they should be there to oversee them.

You should also know that these spas are not always focused on relaxation. While some will look and feel like the posh spas you’re used to, they often feel much more clinical and are more about getting results than making you feel good.

What Kind Of Services Do They Offer?

The list of services will vary greatly depending on where you go, but, in most cases, you can expect to see things like hair removal, anti-aging treatments, acne treatments, and more. You could also find traditional spa treatments such as salt glows, massages, facials, and seaweed wraps.

However, medical spas will also have a variety of treatments that you will never see at your average spa, like light or laser treatments, chemical peels, and injectables such as Botox, Restylane, and Juvederm, for instance.

As far as acne treatments go, they tend to be more extensive at medical spas as well. They will usually offer procedures to lighten hyperpigmentation caused by inflammation, reduce scarring, treat breakouts, and improve the overall look of your skin.

Who Provides Treatment?

A medical spa will hire different types of professionals to handle different procedures. If we’re talking about regular spa procedures, they will usually be performed by estheticians.

You can expect estheticians, or skincare specialists as they’re often called, to handle most routine day spa treatments.

While laws will vary depending on the state, most medical treatments will have to be handled by physicians. This includes things like chemical peels and injectables, for instance.

Should You Go To A Medical Spa or A Regular One?

The answer to this question will depend on your objectives. If you’re suffering from violent acne and over-the-counter treatments just don’t do it for you, getting additional treatment under medical supervision could greatly improve results.

If you want to go for a more invasive procedure like injectables or chemical peels and want to have it done in a nice atmosphere, then going with a medical spa that has some of the characteristics of a regular spa could also be a good decision.

If all you want is to have a good time and to enjoy some relaxation in a luxurious environment, medical spas are not necessarily the best choice for you.

You might be disappointed by the ambiance and surprised that you may have to spend a bit more for certain treatments.

This is understandable when considering the higher overheads and the highly-trained professionals they tend to hire.

Now that you know a bit more about medical spas, we suggest that you give them a closer look and visit a few before booking in. They could be the best option if you want to get certain procedures done in a safe environment.